Have you ever sat down to ask yourself; what am I ever going to do to get ahead in life? Or have you said to yourself, I just do not seem to have a meaningful life. Maybe your life has hit rock bottom and you do not seem to know just what to do to have a worthwhile life. Folks, you are not alone in this, I had walked down that road before. Here is something that might be able to help you:
Jim Rohn shared these very essential tips in his book “The five major pieces of the puzzles of life”. I found them very informative and so I have decided to share them with you.

The 4 IF’s that make life worthwhile:

1- Life is worthwhile if you learn: The way we think and the actions we have taken up until this very moment has been responsible for the way our lives have turned out. The way we think and the conclusions we have reached about life is the sum total of what we have learned. So if we want to make our lives worthwhile then we have to change what we have learned. We can start learning from our experiences. In the past years of our lives we probably might have been doing it right or wrong. So let’s do a review of our past years and see how far we have come. Another way to learn is from the experiences of other people. “If somebody went through something for five years and they wrote a book that you can read in five days, wouldn’t that be an advantage?” Though this isn’t easy to do, but it is a price that is worth the treasures we seek in life.

2- Life is worthwhile if we try: We have to try something with what we know. The only way you can do something is if you have tried it, and keep repeating the process until you have mastered it. Make a commitment to try today. “When the final book on you is written let it show your wins, and let it show your loses, but do not let it show you didn’t play.” Let’s try and do, try and play the game of life. Always look for opportunities to do something with your life. The key to life is to give it a try.

3- Life is worthwhile if you stay: In life we have to learn to hang in there. We have to learn to face the challenges that life throws at us without giving up. Many people quit too soon- when they are just “three feet from gold”. To win you have to learn to stay. Every athlete in a long distance race knows that just because you are behind in the first quarter doesn’t mean you will lose. You keep running. Hang in there!

4- Life is worthwhile if you care: Caring is an important human value. “If you care at all you will get some results. If you care enough you will get incredible results”. Care for the day by using its time wisely. Care for people by helping them see their possibilities. Also care for yourself by being all that you can be, stretch as far as you can stretch, accomplish all that you can accomplish. Always have something good to say.

These tips may be simple and very ordinary as you might have seen them over and again. But success is doing seemingly little and ordinary things in an extraordinary way. Be committed and follow these steps and watch as your life takes a new turn!

Stay Blessed


  1. Quite an important link, alot of lives will indeed be reshaping via it. God bless you for using this forum to further broden our mentality. Cheerz!


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