Top 10 Things That Turn Men Off

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We men have an aversion to talking about feelings,that is why it is very difficult to find a man talking to his wife or girlfriend about what she does to irritate him.
So you may want to pay attention to this list:
1. Most men are turned off by a woman who is too materialistic. If you pay too much attention to what kind of shoes a guy is wearing or what kind of designer clothes he has on or what kind of car he drives,..they would run away”.

2. When a woman is jealous, it can be a turnoff.

3. Men like women who are responsible. They don’t like women who don’t have a life. It isn’t just about looks.

4. When a man has had a busy day, he doesn’t need you to add to his pressure. Insisting he has to see you or be with you. It turns men off.

5. Don’t make your man look bad in front of people. If something is wrong, deal with it at home, or when you two are alone.

6. “The fear every guy has is that after marriage the girl is going to cut her hair off, gain too much weight, and stop putting out.”

7. No man likes to be with a drunk. If you want a decent man in your life, don’t ever get drunk with him.

8. “Never let a guy know you’re sitting home waiting for his call, or that he’s your whole life.” Men also like knowing other men want you, just as long as you aren’t sleeping with any of them.

9. When a woman chases you, it will turn you off. Try and have some dignity

10. Never make a man feel he has to report back to you when you are with him. That’s an instant turnoff.
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One thought on “Top 10 Things That Turn Men Off”

  1. I appreciate your efforts on this piece, but i have to speak from not only my personal experience, but from my therapeutic experience of helping couples enrich their relationship. The things you listed appear to be a personal bias on several aspects. Jealousy, if not abused, has potential to aid in helping the partner understand value placed on them. I found it interesting that you said jealousy can cause problems, but then said. “Men also like knowing other men want you….” I believe that is pretty much the definition of jealousy.

    I find the negative trait that is being communicated overall is the need for control. Independence (#3) is a healthy way of exerting that need. Other than that, the lesson from this is do not be extreme in your approach to behaviors or circumstances. Being a drunk is an extreme, sitting around for the phone call with no life is an extreme, etc…

    Overall, the message you are trying to communicate is well intended, but again, the logistics should be specified from couple to couple. It is usually these blanket statements that cause rifts inside the relationship. I would like to see something about a selfless approach to relationships rather than on what the man likes. That is just too self centered and egotistical to apply in a healthy relationship. Healthy relationships is all about figuring out your partner’s needs and finding healthy ways to address those needs.


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