“What Are You Doing In The Meanwhile?”

A man phoned his physician and excitedly exclaimed: ‘Please come at once, Doctor. My son has swallowed my fountain pen.’ The doctor replied, I’ll be right over. But what are you doing “in the meanwhile”? ‘Using a pencil’, answered the father.

What we do” in the meanwhile” is of vital importance to our lives – and to the lives of others. What we do with our leisure time can build our character or destroy it. It can make our fortune or mar it.

While we wait for a traffic light to change, we can pray for our president, our nation, and the world.

While we wait for an elevator can be still and know that God is, and that He is still in charge of the universe.

While we drive or ride to work, we can affirmatively and joyously meditate on that which is true, pure, lovely and positive.

While we wash dishes, mow the lawn, or perform other tasks that require less than our complete attention, we can sing whistle, or hum the tunes of great songs and hymns that inevitably make life more beautiful for us and for our fellow human beings.

While we sit in the waiting room of our physician or dentist, we can thank God for dedicated professional people, and we can pray for those patients who might be anxious, fearful, despondent, or in pain.

What we do with our “in the meanwhile” moments can enrich and inspire, encourage and uplift, bless and brighten our important corner of the world.–Adapted from Something to Smile About by Zig Ziglar.

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2 thoughts on ““What Are You Doing In The Meanwhile?””

  1. In the meanwhile…

    I like that! I just posted to my blog something along those lines just yesterday related to maximizing our moments. The goal of anyone looking to improve in any area of their life should be to become more aware of the “meanwhile”…

    I’m sure many cemetary lots and prison cells tell the story of the ineffective use of a “meanwhile”… What will your story be? or more appropriately what is your current “meanwhile” awareness?

    If your not living on purpose, your dying by default.

    I’m out for now.

    C.L. Cupid


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