Before You Live Together, READ THIS:

Co-habitation is more common than ever. Maybe it’s the job market, financial insecurity, high divorce rate…. I don’t know, but it’s a trend I don’t see changing. I’m sure a lot of people decide to co-habitate as a first step towards marriage while others do it out of convenience. If I had a little sister, this is what I’d tell her before moving in with her boyfriend.

Talk about your goals, as a couple. Even if marriage and kids seem a long way off – make sure you’re on the same page of the same book. If you both see this as a step towards engagement /marriage, agree on when to talk seriously about it. Be specific, talk goals, say: “I’d like to be able to talk about marriage in a year.” Don’t settle for “someday” as an answer, because “someday” means different…

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