You Are Wanted Urgently

Everything God created is a reward to somebody. You are a reward to somebody. It is very important that you grasp your value and significance in this earth. God planned you. Nobody else can be like you. Nobody else can do what you do. You are unlike anyone else on earth. Embrace this truth. Our God is not a duplicator, He is a creator. You are absolutely perfect and genetically accurate for solving a problem for somebody on earth.

Somebody needs exactly what you have been given by God. Somebody will starve without you entering their life. Someone is literally dying emotionally, mentally, or spiritually, waiting for you to come along and rescue them. Somebody has been lying awake night praying that God would send you into their life.

It is important that you recognize that some people do not really need you. You are not their answer. You are not their solution. So when these people would try to pull you down, try to make you feel inferior, when they don’t appreciate what you do, do not take offense at this. You are not God’s plan for them. You are not needed everywhere. You are only needed at a specific place, at a specific time and for a specific person.

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3 thoughts on “You Are Wanted Urgently”

  1. I love this!!!!! It speaking in volumes to my soul…. “Our God is not a duplicator, He is a creator. ” <——Yessssss!! Continue walking & fulfilling your purpose. Thank you.


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