The Gift Of Good-bye

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I read somewhere about the gift of good-bye. Yes, when good-bye is actually a gift to us. We usually experience this gift when people who hurt us, or pull us down choose to leave our lives. But most times a lot of us don’t realize this gift, we do not realize that a failed relationship is actually a gift, that the people leaving our lives are doing us great favours. So instead of looking forward, moving on and getting ready for what God has in store for us we just struggle, fight, and cry over the relationship that isn’t working.

Its true most of the people leaving us may not be bad people after all, they were good to us at some point or throughout the relationship, but folks the season for that relationship is over. We may not know it but God does. The bible says God sees the end of our lives from the beginning. So maybe the reason is God has seen that this person(s), he/she is holding you back. Maybe he/she is keeping you from advancing. Maybe he/she is a bad influence.

When people leave our lives; whether they are our spouses, lovers, partners, colleagues – lets not get too angry and try to make them stay by all means. Just believe and know that God has a better plan for your future, and that the people who leave us are not tied to our future. Folks “When God is finished with something, there’s no amount of glue that can hold it together.” Let it go and expect God to do something new for you.

13 thoughts on “The Gift Of Good-bye”

  1. Vincent – there was a time I would have added an “Amen, Glory to God! Thank you.” There was a time.

    But also in my past is personal experience that one person’s decision does not always mean God’s decision. Sometimes it is His challenge for one or both: the person leaving and/or the person being left. And if that is true and that challenge is recognised and accepted, recognised and undertaken – by one or both – then God’s work might just be to re-establish a new Hello. A fresh start. A new beginning with a long history. And that might just be the hardest piece of work God has ever asked of one or both. And it might just the most rewarding. It might become what God hoped for the beginning – and that one or both had forgotten along the way. Don’t give up God if he hasn’t given up on you (or your partner, colleague, spouse, friend, etc.).

    Because – just maybe – God is doing some spring cleaning and pruning rather than some steam cleaning and house moving. Not always. But maybe. Because if he is steam cleaning for one or both – then nothing will stick it back together again.

    I was there. These are the stories I want to share (sorry – couldn’t resist that).


  2. Hey Vincent, This is an issue I have struggled with personally. I have to say the issue of good bye when it comes to divorce is far more compicated than can be adequately posted in 300 words. I know it was not God’s will for my wife to leave me. What He put together man should not put asunder. That is Scripture it cannot be disputed or walked long-way around. However God has used the divorce to accomplish things in my life for my good. I am a changed man and a better man for having walked through this pain. I still believe there was another way and wish with all my heart we both could have embraced that truth. That said God has been gracious to both of us and regrets aside God has given me a fresh start not a new life but one springing from the ashes of the old.


      1. My pleasure. It is still a very hard thing to speak about and part of that is because of the issues you bring up in your post. Though I truly ,truly, TRULY hated this good bye and still miss my wife God has used it to bless me and to cause me to grow. I appreciate you providing a forum in which I can perhaps process some of these thoughts a little more deeply


  3. Vincent, great post. I also recently witnessed a different kind of blessing in good bye. I spoke at the funeral of wife of a good friend. In their good bye was such a praise and thankfulness that they had been brought together in the first place. There was virtually no biterness in God’s decision to bring her home or the disease that she had. I also greatly appreciate that you have stopped by hisnamebpraised and liked the post. Blessings to you and all those who will read your post. In His Name.


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