Just One Hour

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com
“One hour a day withdrawn from frivolous pursuits and profitably employed would enable any man of ordinary capacity to master a complete science”.

One hour a day would in ten years make an uninformed person a well-informed one.

In an hour you could read twenty pages thoughtfully, over seven thousand pages in a year.

In an hour you could right all your wrongs.

An hour a day might make all the difference between bare existence and useful, happy living.

An hour a day might make and yes!It has made someone rise from obscurity to limelight.

If in an hour a day we can achieve these much, consider, then, the mighty possibilities of two-four-six hours a day that are, on the average, thrown away by men and women in the restless desire for fun and diversion!

21 thoughts on “Just One Hour”

  1. Vincent is the name of a BEST FRIEND from High School. HIS Father was the President of COLUMBUS COLLEGE of ART and DESIGN… Mr. CANZANI. The One HOUR segments of time lead “VINCENZO” to the NAVY as a Career,left me to the service of “Art”. The single hours, sometimes, lead one to a place like you read to tell me a ‘good’. “That” hour still hasn’t placed me in a “righteous” place, and it’s too late to “care”. The problem in that is that THIS “world” has been trained to ignore a TRUE HOUR, because they allow the “world’ to RUSH them through that HOUR.
    A “FIRST” lesson to any child should be to see a MOMENT for its FULLEST AMOUNT.
    Be careful of HOW MUCH TRUTH You give these folk. They MUST LEARN its real VALUE.


  2. Your opening sentence reads like something Ben Franklin might have said, he gave great advice too. Sadly to deliberately utilise that hour calls for commitment, discipline … and far-sightedness.

    (You’ll have to take a ‘like’ as given, the button isn’t working for me.)


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