Strength In Self-control

He that is slow to anger is better than the mighty: and he that ruleth his spirit than he that taketh a city. – PROVERBS 16:32

The strong man is the one who ever keeps himself under strict discipline, who makes his passions his servants and never allows them to be his master; who is ever led by his mind and not by his tendencies.

He drills and disciplines his desires, and never allows them to interfere with his character.

He is never the slave of his dispositions, nor the sport of impulse.

He is the commander of himself.

He is never the slave of his strongest desire.

He understands that he who would command others must first learn to obey, and he who would command his own powers must learn to be submissive to the still small voice within.

He disciplines the passions, curb pride and impatience.

He denies himself the gratification of any desire not sanctioned by reason.

“He who, with strong passions, remains chaste; he who, keenly sensitive, with manly power of indignation in him, can be provoked, and yet restrain himself and forgive—these are strong men, the spiritual heroes.” Unknown

Folks, let us all try to cultivate this one great virtue, “self-control.” “There is nothing so important in life as a thoroughly trained and cultivated will; everything depends upon it. If one has it, he will succeed; if one does not have it, he will fail.”- Orison S. Marden.

Be Strong!

15 thoughts on “Strength In Self-control”

  1. Everything I’ve read by you is exactly how I feel and believe…thank you for liking some of my stuff. One day I will be able to express it more clearly….as you do.


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