Nothing Is Too Good For You

There are some of us who believe that there are plenty of good things in this world for other people. Others are good enough to have comfort, luxuries, good clothes, good homes, good relationships, opportunities for travel and leisure but never for us! We are so convinced that these things cannot come to us because of our low status, background, parentage or class. We forget that God did not make any individual or race superior to the other. The bible says we are made in His image and likeness. There are no higher, lower, superior or inferior classes of people in His eyes.

You see yourself in a different class because you think yourself into that class. Whatever limits you may have were placed on you by your thoughts, not by God. There are no limits with God; He is the All powerful, with nothing Impossible for Him. And He wants you to prosper and have all the good things of the earth. So if you do not have it, it is because you limit yourself.

Folks, “God’s children were not made to grovel but to aspire; to look up, not down. They were not made to pinch along in poverty but for larger, grander things. Nothing is too good for the children of the Prince of Peace, nothing too beautiful for human beings, nothing too grand, too sublime, too magnificent for us to enjoy… If we had larger and grander conceptions of life, of our birthright; if instead of whining, crawling, grumbling, sneaking and apologising, we were to stand erect and claim our kingship, demand our inheritance, the inheritance which is an abundance of all that is good and beautiful and true, we should live far completer, fuller lives.” – Orison S. Marden

Begin to expect great, grand things in your life because proverbs 23:18 promises; “…and thine expectation shall not be cut off.”

4 thoughts on “Nothing Is Too Good For You”

  1. God puts no limits on us, but sometimes he calls us to situations where we will experience poverty. It could be because of persecution or because we are serving in a ministry that has a limited salary or because we give our wealth away. Many Christians live in poor countries. Financial prosperity is not the hallmark of the Christian; faith and obedience are.


    1. Of course, financial prosperity isnt the hallmark, but then it isn’t God’s desire for us to suffer and be impoverished for him. All through the bible,the prophets, servants of God prospered; from Abel, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David…to the early Church, they had their needs met, and lacked nothing. Christ came for us to have abundant life, John the beloved’s desire was for the church to prosper, be in health in line with our souls. When God takes from you, he adds a hundredfold, pressed down and shaken together. Prosperity is for the church.


      1. Is the prosperity necessarily in this life? Or may it be deferred until heaven? If I lose all I have, even my life, because I remain faithful in my witness and am persecuted, am I still prosperous? Or if I give up all I have except what I need to survive, and use the rest to serve others, am I still prosperous? What does it mean to be prosperous? Must it be money and possessions?


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