No regrets.

My thoughts on a page.

Are you someone who lives with regret?
Maybe it’s an old regret,
perhaps about your childhood, or schooling, loves lost, or chances wasted?

I have regrets aplenty.
But if I were honest and could go back, would I do things differently?
The past brought me to where I am today.
Am I happy with that?

In the past few weeks I have found I am appreciating life so much.
Every breath, laugh, smile, hug.
What has brought on this heightened awareness of life?
Am I living in denial?

I am enjoying every moment of every day, because I realise how lucky I am.
All over the country there are people who this New Year face credit: <a href="">Aidan Jones</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>
They have found a lump.
They are awaiting test results.
They have lost a lot of weight.
They are feeling unwell.
These people, their partners, parents or children face a different future.

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