The Virtue Of Faith

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The Bible tells us that through faith Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses…and all the other great men and women mentioned, were able to perform great acts, and were justified by God. The philosophy of faith is something that we are yet to get a proper explanation.

A philosopher once asked; “What is that which will hold a man to his task, keep up his courage and hope under the most trying, heartrending conditions, which will enable him to endure with fortitude, even cheerfulness, all sorts of suffering, the pangs of poverty, and which will sustain and reassure him, after his last dollar has gone, when friends and even family and those he loves best misunderstand him or do not believe in him?”

The answer, is FAITH. Faith doubles one’s power and multiplies one’s ability.

Faith opens the door of the source of life, and it is through it that we touch and experience God’s power.

Faith is a great elevator of character. “It lifts us to great heights and gives us

Faith unlucks our power and enables us to use our ability.

Faith shows us the path that leads to our possibilities; because it sees the possibilities within, it doesn’t hesitate to undertake great things, it sees the reserves in us.

“Faith was given to support us, to reassure us when we cannot see light ahead, or solve our problems. It is to the individual what a compass is to the mariner in the storms. He feels the same assurance when he cannot see anything ahead, because his compass points true to his destination.” – Marden

All the people who are doing or have done great things in this world are known to have great faith in themselves, faith in their power, faith in their businesses, pursuits, careers, desires e.t.c.

If you want to live your greatest life, you’ve got to have great faith. It’s in you!

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