When is the “right” time?


When is the right time to do something you’ve been wanting to do?  Plan a trip, write a letter, make that phone call, visit someone…
Thinking about the right time may make the “right time” never come.

While in the act I have caught myself saying to others “I have to do that soon”. But then silently in my own head I’m thinking..really? WHEN? 

My first step in the right direction is realizing.  Realizing that there is no “right time” because the time is NOW!  Sounds cliche I know..but it is the truth.  Most people are scared of the truth which is why they keep running from it. 

Waiting until tomorrow, the next day, next week, in a few months is all an excuse which means you are fooling to your own self.. you want something?  NOW you know when the right time is.  Let’s put this idea to work!!!

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