The most amazing tool you’ll ever own

Light, Love, and Photos

Body image. It’s a daunting thing. I have always heard women in my life speak about their bodies… negatively. I’ve often seen girls looking at themselves in mirrors (I took dance for years, mirrors were unavoidable) carefully inspecting the parts of their bodies with which they were unhappy. They/I would practice positioning their bodies in such a way that may disguise or reshape their self-proclaimed “flaws”. This was before the explosion of “selfies”.

Now, there’s an entire generation of girls that are masters at capturing photos of themselves contorting in bathroom mirrors to exhibit only their most appealing angles. The worthy photos get vainly posted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, sent out in SnapChat, and probably a plethora of other media outlets about which I’m unaware. But then when you see them in person, they truly don’t look the same. They don’t look worse, just different (and often times more comfortable)…

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