Rise Above Your Limitations

Many of us have been trained from infancy to think small thoughts. Our minds have been saturated with the thoughts of poverty, lack, scarcity, limitations etc. And if you are from, or live in my part of the world, then you hear talks of poverty and limitation from morning till night, you see poverty-stricken conditions everywhere. Everybody around is talking limitation, scarcity, lack, diseases, failure. Little wonder there is so much lack and want around.

Folks, let’s break this bond. Do not repeat the poverty and limiting conditions of your parents, families, and environments. It starts with the belief, with developing a positive mental attitude. No matter how black the outlook or how rusty your environment is, positively refuse to see anything that is unfavourable to you. Refuse to see the obstacles. Refuse to see any condition which wants to enslave you, and keep you from rising above your environment, and keep you from living your greatest life!

Remember, “The man who is bound to win, believes he is going to be prosperous; he starts with the understanding with himself that he is going to be a successful man. A winner and not a loser.”

Have faith. The Bible says; “…Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’, and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” – Matthew 17:20

3 thoughts on “Rise Above Your Limitations”

  1. Thank you Egoro, for visiting my blog and clicking the “Like Button” for what I wrote. As I read your profile, I felt as If you were listening to my head, heart and dedication to encourage/inspire/motivate/coach and uplift as many people as I can. What excites me is to meet and get to know caring, intelligent people like you. You have inspired me to keep going and I appreciate you for that. I am encouraged to keep up my blog. I recently lost my brother, who was sick for a while and I am now back doing what he and so many others want me to do. Please stay in touch with me, there is more to come and we are on the same wave length! Continued Success!
    …I’M “MJ” Just Keeping It Real!


    1. Thank you MJ. Sorry for your loss, I pray God gives you the strength, and console you. I would keep in touch. Feel free to email me any time. Looking forward to reading more of your posts.
      Live your greatest life!


  2. Hmm… OK, but I still think it wise not to go to the Rolls-Royce dealership just yet. They’re prejudiced down there against folk who aren’t loaded.
    Note: I am an independent contractor. You just can’t do the type of work I do if you don’t have some idea that you can succeed on some level at it. Otherwise, you have to chuck the I.C. stuff and go get a regular job like everybody else has.


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