Give Yourself Little Room To Fail

Some of us are too hard on ourselves. When it comes to our lives, goals, activities, we just want perfection. If you are one of those perfect human beings who always keep every resolution you make, and are in complete control of your activities and goals, more power to you. Personally, I still struggle with my resolutions and goals, and I believe it’s only natural to make mistakes, to fail in life. So if you find you are having problems keeping those rules you made with yourself, you are not alone.

Folks, don’t get too rigid on yourselves, allow little room to fail and make mistakes, because when you strive for perfection, to always be 100% efficient, it often leads to a life of misery when you fail. The resulting shame and guilt makes you judge yourself as unworthy; as good for nothing.

Truly great people always accept their flaws and inadequacies. They smile when they fail instead of feeling shame and guilt. They know that each failure often leads them straight to success. Failure is part of life, and he who must succeed must learn to fail.

While we may look at ourselves as being strong, intelligent, and highly advanced, we are still flesh… and like the Bible says, the flesh is weak. God knows you will fail, even in pleasing Him that’s why he allowed grace and mercy for you. As you journey towards greatness and success, don’t lose heart when you fail or make mistakes. Also try to empathize rather than condemn and criticize others when they fail also.

Live your greatest life! Give yourself little room to fail.


9 thoughts on “Give Yourself Little Room To Fail”

  1. The Russians had a saying (they may still have it, I don’t know for sure) that “perfection is the enemy of good enough”. They produced a weapon that would be considered sloppy and unacceptable if produced anywhere else— but the AK-47 was good enough to get the job done. In fact, better machining to tighter tolerances– “perfection”– would have produced a weapon that couldn’t be relied on in battlefield conditions where mud and water often get into the workings of machinery. They produced engines that would start and run in the brutally cold conditions there, once again sloppy by Western standards but the engines would run when Western engines wouldn’t start.

    That may be true of us as well. Trying to achieve “perfection”, we overlook the “good enough” and therefore don’t get the job done— when our lesser brethren get to work and earn the award that should have been ours.


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