Revenge With Success

“When others tell you that you can’t do this, you can’t do that, you’re a lofty dreamer, a chronic loser, “This is just another of your stupid dreams, just look at you… why can’t you face who you really are?” you feel hurt and angry. Use their negative energy plus the negativity that you feel for them to create an emotion explosive enough to support and realize your dreams. Again, success is the sweetest revenge.” – Chin-Ning Chu

3 thoughts on “Revenge With Success”

  1. The word “revenge” has so many negative associations that I was curious how you would tie Christianity and revenge together. I have faith in “If God is for us, who can be against us” and believe THAT is the Christian form of revenge. God doesn’t allow His children to fall at the hands of the greedy, selfish and worldly-driven leeches in this world. No. I have peace in knowing God will handle the “revenge” piece – it’s a promise in Psalm. I rely on that. 100%. If I become successful, it is because of God and his mercy and grace. I am a creation of His. My talents weren’t mastered on my own. My strength wasn’t gained by my own means. ALL glory for success goes to God first and foremost and the “haters” will be dealt with. In due time. Great post and perspective.


  2. Hi Vincent!
    This is a great quote & also a great post! I do encourage those who follow you to be inspired by what they learn here & other posts as well. I think that people are & love to be abusive in some way as they think that is ways to make friends also. Most have comebacks whether they like the person or not, but will consider seeing who that person is for a certain amount of time. Those that just ignore a person like this who have no good to them already realize that they need change before they will be accepted to that person who ignores them at all.


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