The Battle Must Be Fought

Each one of us is a warrior in our own right. We are the warriors of life and life is an eternal battle. We choose to enter the battlefield from the day we are born. We are committed to win the battle of life. Just like a warrior in the midst of the fierce fight, there is no way out. He can choose to fight courageously to ensure his survival and victory, or he can choose to get killed. We do not have to like the fight. We simply have to fight to the best of our abilities. To survive in life, we have to confront the inner negativities and the outer realities. – Chin-Ning Chu

9 thoughts on “The Battle Must Be Fought”

  1. Reblogged this on Astrid's Words and commented:
    These are words that are very true and a great encouragement. They reminded me why I have never wanted my Epileptic Seizures to be my true focus in life. When we choose to fight our battles with the best of our abilities we are often met with wondrous gifts for life. Giving up is not the choice to select in the Battle of Life.


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