13 Quotes On Greatness By Wallace Wattles

Perhaps like me you have been told; “You can’t make it in life”, “Greatness isn’t for you”, “You don’t have the connections”, “You are too young”, “No one in your family has been great”, “You are not educated enough,” and so on. My friends these are all lies, yet too many of us have believed these lies and as a result we are living far below our capabilities.

Below are 13 truths about your true capabilities, and how far you can go from Wallace D. Wattles, an American author and pioneer success and self-help writer best known for his books; The Science of getting rich, and the science of being great:

    1. There is no possibility in any man that is not in every man
    2. The principle of power gives us just what we ask of it; if we only undertake little things, it gives us power for little things; but if we try to do great things in a great way, it gives all the power there is.
    3. Nothing was ever in any man that is not in you; no man ever had more spiritual or mental power than you can attain, or did greater things than you can accomplish. You can become what you want to be.
    4. You are not barred from attaining greatness by heredity. No matter who or what your ancestors may have been or how unlearned or lowly their station, the upward way is open for you. There is no such thing as inheriting a fixed mental position; no matter how small the mental capital we receive from our parents, it may be increased; no man is incapable of growth.
    5. The brain doesn’t make the man, the man makes the brain.
    6. Your place in life is not fixed by heredity…See complete list here

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