You Have Tremendous Value

“A poor woman rummaged the back shelves of a rundown country store searching for something she could use as a paperweight. After finding a beautiful piece of burl wood, she approached the owner and asked its price.

“Let me see”, the owner replied, placing the piece of wood on the counter. “Well, it’s nearly a pound. I guess that will be a dollar.”

When the woman handed him the dollar, the owner said, “Isn’t it funny – that small piece of wood is only worth a dollar. But just think, if you carved it into a chess piece that worthless piece of wood would be worth ten times as much! As a matter of fact,” he added, “If that same piece of wood were made into a carved jewellery box, its value would increase another tenfold.”

But most important, he said, if you took this piece of wood and created a holy cross, the type used by a minister of a church, why ma’am, your worthless paperweight would indeed be priceless.”

Folks, just like that piece of wood, we all have tremendous and priceless values in us. All it takes is for us to desperately find ways in which we can reshape our lives to become more useful and better. No matter who, what, or where you are right now, you can become great, you can become a huge success.

You may be reading this and thinking; I don’t have the right contacts, I don’t have many skills, I am not specially gifted, I come from a poor parentage and so on. Well that may be true of you, but the world is filled with people with even worse challenges and experiences than you have now, but who have gone ahead to transform their lives, and lived the life of their dreams.

God doesn’t want you to lie in the scrap heap of life. Christ said “I have come that you may have an abundant life” so stop thinking yourself into inferiority. “It’s never too late to become the person you could have been.” Seek out creative ways to become better, to earn a higher income. Improve your knowledge level; take the classes, read the books. Finding your place, improving your life requires effort, so put in the effort and do whatever it takes.

Live your greatest life!


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