Forget The Past and Move On

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“Remember you not the former things, neither consider the things of old.” A lot of us are being haunted by our past. We allow our previous actions, decisions, and misfortunes control our present and shape our future. Take for instance; you had a bad relationship or marriage, and this won’t allow you to move on, to trust again and allow your heart to find love. We keep asking ourselves, what if my heart is broken again. What if I am incapable of giving love and so on? Or maybe you grew up in an unsupportive environment, and you were told you won’t amount to anything, and these thoughts are getting you disillusioned, and you can’t see a brighter future, you can’t seem to see yourself rising above where you are at the moment.

There isn’t anyone without a past, for some of us our past may be very horrible, but everyone who has ever succeeded in life, have had to rise above his or her past. They took these words to heart; “Remember you not the former things, neither consider the things of old”. If you keep remembering the hurts, failures, and tragedies of the past, you will be held back by them. Don’t let your past define you, destroy you, deter you, or stop you from living your greatest life.

You may be reading this and say, Vincent you don’t know how it hurts me, how it embarrassed me, you don’t know the pain I feel in losing a beloved one, but you see tragedies, failures, sicknesses, setbacks, do happen in everyone’s life, we can discover the reason, blame others, imagine how different our lives would be had they not occurred. But none of that is important: they did occur, and so be it. From there onward we must put aside the fear that they awoke in us, untie the chains we’ve been tied with and begin to rebuild our lives.

Friends, if you have a past that dissatisfies you, forget it now, because a visit to the past will always increase your feelings of guilt, especially when you made the mistakes. “Travelling to our past is like making a hole in the floor and letting the flames of the fire in the apartment below scorch and burn the present.”And one of the effective ways of erasing the memory is by imagining a story of your life, redefining your new life, and believing in it. Concentrate only on those moments in which you achieved what you desired, and this strength will help you to accomplish what you want. This isn’t something easy to do, but it is important that you dust yourself up, and like St. Paul said; “…But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on…”.

Your future holds far greater opportunities and possibilities than your most successful past. I hope you find the courage to let of your past…and live your greatest life.

16 thoughts on “Forget The Past and Move On”

  1. A key aspect of therapy is acceptance – the decision to accept that what has happened cannot be undone. It’s very difficult to do but it is so releasing when it happens.

    I would question whether Paul’s words above should be interpreted in this way or whether it forms part of a larger passage about his past theological thinking?


    1. I always appreciate your views…always an opportunity to learn from your theological experience. Thank’re right, Paul words form a larger theological thinking, but they also serve in the interpretation I gave them here. Don’t you think so too?


    1. Of course you are right. We can learn valuable lessons from our past…only if we see them that way, pick up the lessons, draw strength and move on. But most of us just get bitter, and stuck with the past. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. God bless you.


  2. So very true Vincent! Letting go of past hurts, failures, etc. frees us for new and wonderful things in our lives that the Lord has planned for us. We miss many opportunities when we stay stuck in the past! I know from experience that it is true.


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