Are You Asking Enough?

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

As I ponder on the above words, I wonder how many of us are actually asking life for our rights. Few people have mastered this principle and actually demand from life their rights, that is why there are a few successful people as compared to the number of people just getting along in life.

Most people bargain with life, and when they do, they bargain with life for a penny, and life would pay no more, not realizing that any wage they would have asked of life – life would have gladly paid. For some they never even tried, they just settled for mediocrity. While others, got a dream, an idea, a desire or goal, and decided to go for it, but then dropped out when the going got tough. Life is filled with many starters and very few finishers. Too many people give up on their dreams too soon in life.  

Folks, if you want to succeed at anything in life, you have to “go for it” and give it all you’ve got.  Everyone who has succeeded in life, have had to push themselves beyond the limits. They went the extra mile, and in the process discovered powers that were lying dormant in their inside. “New powers are discovered every time you push yourself farther than you’ve ever gone before.”

Deep inside are you are powers deposited by God; powers yet untapped, unrealized, to enable you accomplish your goals, No matter what you have achieved or how far you have gone, you still have more. You can still be more. Don’t let anybody tell you; you CAN’T

“All it takes to accomplish the impossible is mind power, manpower, money power, muscle power, and month power.  If you don’t have them, you can get them.  Spend enough time, use enough energy, develop enough human resources, acquire enough financial capital, and you can do almost anything.”

Do you really want to succeed? Do you want to live your greatest life? It starts with you making a commitment.  Make the commitment to always demand from life your full rights. Make the commitment to believe in yourself and go for your dreams. Make the commitment to start asking questions, just like Brian Tracy advised; “Ask for what you want. Ask for help, ask for input, ask for advice and ideas – but never be afraid to ask.” You don’t need to have all the resources, in fact, no one who has succeeded has had everything. Most of them started out with very few or no resources at all except their firm beliefs, and with the capacity to take an idea and convince stronger and smarter people around them to pull it off.


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