Contentment, Key to Greatness

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I read a poem recently; “The Changed Cross”. In the poem, a weary Christian dreamt that she was led to a place where many crosses laid. Crosses of diverse shapes, and sizes. The most beautiful one was set in jewels of gold, it was so tiny and exquisite that she changed her own plain cross for it, thinking she was fortunate in finding one so much lighter and lovelier. But not long after she had exchanged her cross, her back began to ache under the glittering burden, and she changed it yet for another, very  beautiful and entwined with flowers. But she soon found out that, underneath the flowers were piercing thorns which tore her flesh.

At last, she came to a very plain cross without jewels, without carving, or any effect on it. She took this one up and it proved the easiest and the best of all. She was amazed, however, to find that it was her old cross which she had discarded for the more attractive ones.

You see, many of us today are like this Christian woman represented in the poem. We tend to feel that other peoples’ Looks, Marriages, Relationships, Spouses, Children, Homes, Jobs etc are far better than our own, and we say; “I would do or give anything to be like the other person. I will gladly trade places with Mr. Jones”, and so on.

Folks, it is easy to see the jewels and the flowers in other “peoples’ crosses”, but the thorns and the heavyweight are known only to the bearers. Other peoples’ challenges, obstacles, pains, sufferings, and circumstances always look easy and bearable compared with our own. But we often fail to realize the secret burdens and tears which almost crush their hearts, nor the months and years of exhaustive waiting for delayed success, their aching hearts longing for sympathy, the hidden poverty, and the suppressed emotions in other lives.

Friends, to live your greatest lives, you have to be contented with your blessings, and circumstances, trusting that God who made us all, knows what is best for you. And like the scripture says, He won’t allow us have challenges beyond our capacity to handle and grow from them. So when you are tempted to wish to be in someone else’s shoes, always remember; nobody in this world is problem free, and that “Not all that glitter is gold.”

14 thoughts on “Contentment, Key to Greatness”

  1. Very true. He gives us the strength to endure the path he has asked us to tread but he never expects us to walk it alone. He sends us each other to help lift one another up when we haven’t the will or the strength to move another inch. Most folks, who have not tasted pervasive suffering, often quote the scripture saying that God will never give us more than we can handle.Yet, to someone suffering the unimaginable those words are salt in the wound. We must tread softly on those who have been broken by life. We are not meant to solve the world’s problems, for God will take care of the big things. However, we are called to be Christ to others. Hence, if you see a need minister to it, if a brother stumbles extend your hand, if someone is sick and downhearted then just sit and listen. Not only should we appreciate what we have and accept the burden we are given to carry but we must look for the need that is hidden and do whatever we can to help that person bear it. Sometimes, that is as simple as holding someone’s hand or dropping off groceries for a neighbor who has secretly decided to give up. Whatever you are able to do then do it. Faith and love are verbs to be acted out on a daily basis. We must look beyond ourselves to see need and not to compare what others have to what we have. Material wealth is worthless, societal success means little if you sell your soul to obtain it. You have much wisdom and I enjoy your blog but I will always advocate folks to get out of themselves and open their eyes to all the suffering around them. You have chosen a difficult task because few want to take personal responsibility for anything they do or allow.


    1. Tina, thank you very much for sharing your kind thoughts here and adding this beautiful insight to this post. God bless you!


  2. Reblogged this on born2xdie1x's Blog and commented:
    This story about Contentment is true for all of us. We all go through times like these scenarios in the story of this woman. We all become discontent at some point or another because we are all sinners. The difference being, we are saved by grace. What a wonderful way to describe our human side. Great post!


    1. What about love, gratitude, faith perseverance..? But then, Contentment is really powerful, especially for the believer. Blessings Bob!

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  3. On May 8, 2014 10:57 AM, “Vincent Egoro” wrote: > > Vincent Egoro posted: ” I read a poem recently; “The Changed Cross”. In the poem, a weary Christian dreamt that she was led to a place where many crosses laid. Crosses of diverse shapes, and sizes. The most beautiful one was set in jewels of gold, it was so tiny and exquisit” >


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