Don’t Look Too Far For Things Close By

“How terrible it will be for those who go down to Egypt for help, who rely on horses, who trust in the chariot, because there are so many, and in charioteers, because they are so strong— but do not look to the Holy One of Israel or seek the LORD!” – Isaiah 31:1

The world over, even in the most developed and wealthy nations, you still find people who believe that other cities, states, or countries hold better opportunities for them. This mentality is gradually taking over the spirit of self-reliance and courage. Right where you are there are very many successful people, and there are also those who believe that “out there” is; where the main thing is happening, where the big pay is, where their success lie.

The world is full of opportunities. Even the deserts and oceans have opportunities for those who will take them. But, some of us have become like the pilgrim described in John Bunyan’s “Pilgrim’s progress” who was locked in the dungeon of Giant Despair’s castle, and had the key of deliverance all the time with him but had forgotten about it and kept praying for God’s deliverance, until he remembered that he had the keys to the gates. Like this pilgrim, we fail to realize and rely upon the abilities, talents, and opportunities that abound around us to promote our success, just as all the successful people in the world have done. Instead we depend too much upon outside assistance. “We look too high for things close by.”

Getting rich, becoming successful, or being great, is not a matter of environment, for if it were, all the people in certain neighbourhoods would become rich, successful, or great, while those of other neighbourhoods would all be poor, unsuccessful, and mediocre. Instead we find that in every neighbourhood, city, state, and country, you find the rich and the poor together in it. Friends, you don’t need to go too far to make it in life. There are boundless possibilities right where you are, all you need do is look closer, and learn the secrets of those who are already successful around you.

11 thoughts on “Don’t Look Too Far For Things Close By”

  1. Hi Vincent
    Some very sound advise for us all.

    There are
    boundless possibilities right where
    you are, all you need do is look
    closer, and learn the secrets of those
    who are already successful around

    This is some really good advise! I will remember this…Thanks



  2. I think that the Scripture teaches us that instead of looking to our own strength or the strength of the world’s forces for protection and success we ought to look to God. He after all is the author of our success. What glories we forfeit because we try to attain by our own strength what God would simply have given us.


    1. Of course, that is also true and you are right Joseph. Thank you for sharing this perspective with us here. God bless you always!


  3. Opportunity is everywhere. Most times it is right in front of us, the problem is that we often look too far for it. Bless you Vincent. More grace to you!


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