5 Elements of True Success

Image Credit: flickr.com
Image Credit: flickr.com

What is success? What does success mean to you? If you ask a thousand people you might have a thousand different answers, because success is no straightjacket, and it isn’t a one size fits all kind of thing. It is as individual as our fingerprints or the look in our eyes.

Would you consider yourself a success only when you have achieved all your desires, and living the life of dreams? Or would you be successful if you felt total joy, peace, and contentment in spite of the things you lacked and the goals you haven’t yet achieved? Again our definition of success is individual, and mine may not be the same as yours.

Although our definition of success may vary, there are certain constant elements found in true success. These factors are seen in the lives of truly successful people irrespective of their location, or calling:

1)      Purpose: among the enemies of success, aimlessness is the worst. Everybody who desires success must have a goal that gives him the sense of purpose – that assurance that our energies, thinking, and actions are taking us somewhere. “Success to be true must have and abiding sense of purpose; otherwise, though one may vegetate successfully, one cannot live successfully.”

2)      Success must have a batting average: in life, not every hour or day is uniformly successful. Rather there are upturns and downturns in every success story. A truly successful person will have his or her days, even years of failure. When you experience such moments, they shouldn’t have to blight your life because it doesn’t mean you aren’t successful, but they just proof to us that success isn’t easy or cheap. Remember not all of our efforts will be crowned with glory.

3)      Price: folks, there isn’t free success anywhere. All true success must be earned by effort, perseverance, and diligence. You see, our lives have been formed in such a manner that no one can enjoy what he or she hasn’t earned. You find out that the pleasures don’t last. “The joy of success must be counterbalanced by the effort to achieve it.”

4)      Satisfaction: what is success if one doesn’t feel satisfied? Success must be enjoyed. It may be won with tears of sacrifice, hard work, and a high price, but it must be crowned with laughter. Without the inner sense of satisfaction, of fulfillment, you are not successful no matter how much you possess. It is important to note that “the satisfaction of success need not be identifiable by anyone else or to anyone else so long as the person himself/herself knows it is there.

5)      Spirituality: it is hard to imagine a successful life without the presence of God in there. You see, it is God that gives us a sense of purpose or mission to fulfill. It is God that helps us bear those low moments when we fail, and ensure that we grow from our adversity, while crowning our efforts with glory. Without the Spirit of God in us, nothing satisfies you – you plunge in greedily from one activity to the other in pursuit of success, and end up being consumed by it. A truly successful person always acknowledges the role of a Higher Power in his or her activities.

3 thoughts on “5 Elements of True Success”

  1. Excellent! Vincent as I was reading down this list, I reflected on what success meant to me personally and all them I have experienced. Then you knocked me out with element five, which I knew in my spirit was coming. God awareness in my life sums up what success means to me. Great work my friend!


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