Self-consciousness a Killer of Dreams

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“For God has not given us a spirit of timidity but one or power, love, and self-discipline.”

We all of have lofty dreams, vision, plans, desires, of doing great things with our lives, but so many of us are held back from undertaking what we long to do, and are stuck where we are, unable to make our dreams come true because we are shy of facing people, or we are too sensitive of what others may say about us, or we think we are not good enough.  Thus our lofty plans exist only in our minds.

Self- consciousness and timidity are great enemies of success. A lot of men and women have missed great opportunities in life because of these two.  So many potential award winning singers and artists have died without the world benefiting from their talents because of timidity and self-consciousness. They had great dreams and talents, but they never trusted their dreams to the real world of action, because they were afraid of failure, and of how people will react to them.

“A sensitive person feels that, whatever he does, wherever he goes, or whatever he says, he is the centre of observation. He imagines that people are criticizing his movements, making fun at his expense, or analyzing his character, when they are probably not thinking of him at all.  He does not realize that other people are too busy and too much interested in themselves and other things to devote to him any of their time beyond what is absolutely necessary.”

Self-consciousness leads to mediocrity because no one ever does anything, until he or she feels that they are a part of something greater than themselves. Folks, self-consciousness isn’t humility. If you think always hiding in the crowd and not giving your life an expression is a show of humility, you are wrong. “Humility isn’t does not require mediocrity.” By insisting that you are just this or that, or that you will never amount to anything much, in the name of humility you talk yourself down to a state of non-accomplishment. You program yourself for failure.  “You are an extremely valuable, worthwhile, significant person even though your present circumstances may have you feeling otherwise.”

 Here are 4 ways that can help you rid of self-consciousness and timidity:

#1. Always think less of yourself and more of others; become interested in things outside of yourself. When you do this, you would be surprised to see the freedom, and ease, you would gain in dealing with people and life.

#2. Do not brood over what is said to you, or analyze every simple remark until you magnify it into something of the greatest importance.

#3. Do not have such a low and unjust estimate of people as to think they are bent on nothing but hurting the feelings of others, and depreciating and making light of them on every possible occasion.  .

#4. Shy people should dress well.  Good clothes and good dressing boosts ones confidence, when dealing with others.  The consciousness of being well dressed gives a grace and ease of manner, while poor dressing often induces restraint.  Good dressing doesn’t mean that the clothes one wears ought to be expensive, as you can still look well groomed on inexpensive clothing.

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