Get Knowledge!

These words taken from Hosea 4:6 kept ringing in my ears all day: “My people are destroyed because of lack of knowledge…” It got me thinking and wondering, how many people have lost their jobs, how many marriages have been wrecked, how many students have flunked tests and examination, simply because they didn’t have the right information. Yet it hasn’t stopped, even this moment people are still in tears, in pains, simply because of one piece of information, one secret, strategy, they didn’t possess. And I can hear them, saying I wish I had known earlier, I wish I hadn’t wasted so much of time doing the wrong stuff, I wish I had spend more time reading instead of watching TV….regrets!

What about you?  Are you making your day count or you are just passing the time? So many of us are passing the time when we should be improving our lives. We spend more time watching our favourite reality TV shows that are not real anyway. It really hurts to see that many of us have favourite TV shows, movies, games, etc but don’t have a favourite book. It’s really sad to see that a lot of us just pass the time like we have extra hours added to our 24 hours. “Thousands of people have found themselves through the reading of some book, which has opened the door within them and given them the first glimpse of their possibilities. I know men and women whose lives have been molded, the entire trend of their careers completely changed, uplifted beyond their dreams by the books they have read.”- Orison Swett Marden

Folks make everyday count, don’t just pass the time. Read. Listen to audios. Watch productive videos. Do something productive that will take you closer to your goals, to your dreams, to freedom. Get knowledge!

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