14 Inspiring Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes on Achievement

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

Arnold Schwarzenegger first gained fame as a body builder, using that as a launching point to become a huge Hollywood star and, later the Governor of California, USA. Here are 14 quotes from Arnold, on how to achieve just anything in life:

  1. Normal people can be happy with a regular life, but there is more to life than just plodding through an average existence.
  2. Desire something and don’t just care what you have to go through to get it.
  3. Through discipline, and determination one can change anything and everything about him – his habits, his outlook on life
  4. Always listen to your inner voice, your instincts
  5. You have to fight, you have to have courage for what you really want
  6. Always have one possibility in mind and that is to go to the top, to be the best. Everything else should just be a means to that end.
  7. Concentrate on your goals. Do not allow other thoughts to enter your mind. If you allow them to, other things could take your concentration away from your ultimate aim.
  8. Mentally it is possible to break records, once you understand that, you can do anything.
  9. Positive thinking is contagious. Being surrounded by winners helps you develop into a winner.
  10. Almost anything difficult, any challenge takes time, patience, and hard work.
  11. Life should be, being continuously hungry. The meaning of life is not simply to exist, to survive, but to move ahead, to go up, to achieve, to conquer.
  12. The mind is incredible. Once you’ve gained mastery over it, channelling its powers positively, for your purpose you can do anything.
  13. The secret of success is to make your mind work for you – not against you. This means constantly being positive, constantly setting up challenges you can meet – either today, next week, or next month etc.
  14. The words “I Can’t” should be permanently stricken from your vocabulary, especially the vocabulary of your thoughts. You must see yourself always growing and improving.


3 thoughts on “14 Inspiring Arnold Schwarzenegger Quotes on Achievement”

    1. Thank you Vamsi, I find them inspiring and educative too, considering Arnold’s background, and the tremendous things he’s achieved using this principles he shares.


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