30 Inspiring Bishop T.D Jakes Quotes on the Instinct to Succeed

TD Jakes is a Pastor, Author, Entrepreneur. In his book Instincts, he shares powerful success secrets. Here are 30 inspiring quotes culled from his book “Instincts”:

  1. Most highly successful people didn’t develop in an environment of success, they evolved into it.
  2. God wants us to see beyond the literal, above the bottom line, and beneath the surface of appearances. We all have access to the same information and opportunities as successful people. But some of us never go beyond what is required to add to the task what is inspired.
  3. In this highly competitive world we live in today, meeting the demand will never produce exceptional results. Successful people exceeded what was commanded of them and veered into the creative to which there was no previous point of reference.
  4. If you are not participating in the solution, you are by default adding to the problem
  5. Often the complexity of our lives spawns the creativity in our lives!
  6. Instincts and imagination allow us to see opportunities where others see only limitations – instead of focusing on what we don’t have, we concentrate on what we do have – and what can be created from those ingredients.
  7. Our instincts teach us how to take less and do more.
  8. It is not enough to know what people did if you can’t learn why they did it like they did it.
  9. Intellect can explain things, but instincts can help you make discoveries
  10. You must surround yourself with talented, well-informed people in order to prepare for the future, you must include those individuals gifted with instincts.
  11. Your professors and bosses can invest countless hours exposing you to critical information and inspire you with historical empirical data that will be invaluable as you trek through life. But the gift they cannot give you is the instincts to know when to do what only you can do and where to do it.
  12. If necessity is indeed the mother of invention, then desperation is the father.
  13. When expectations don’t run according to plan, you must be willing to change course, adapt your vision, and recalculate what’s needed to survive.
  14. Every obstacle contains an opportunity. It may not be the door way to success you were looking for – it may be a second-story window left open just a crack.
  15. Hardship can humble you, but it cannot break you unless you let it.
  16. There is no greater way to hone your instincts than to overcome adversity. Successful leaders know that instincts transform adversity into opportunity.
  17. You cannot take everyone with you just because they were with you were you where before.
  18. So often we look to others for inspiration, approval or affirmation of what we should do and how we should do it. But you will never achieve fulfilment of your vision this way. My friend, you are the singularly most effective source for outwardly manifesting all the visions, inventions, books, or businesses that are naturally part of your gifting.
  19. Many can imitate what you do, but none can duplicate what you do if you produce outwardly what you possess inwardly. If you follow your instincts inside out, you emerge in a class all by yourself.
  20. When you follow your instincts and transform your vision into reality, you will discover that accidents, mistakes, and conflicts become creative material. Rarely do you have everything you think you need in order to succeed.
  21. Don’t give up or be deterred from your destiny just because it doesn’t seem to fit a formula.
  22. It is okay to be fearful, but don’t let the fear keep you from flying.
  23. He who wins the race cannot run with the pack.
  24. Succumbing to living in the land of the average seems a massive waste of will and wit.
  25. It is not how many times you have failed; its what you’ve learned each time you get back on your feet.
  26. We need to fail boldly if we are to succeed extravagantly
  27. We can overcome our fears if we remember that life does not demand more than it gives.
  28. How you think about your opportunities determines how you will act on them
  29. If you don’t watch those who claim to have your back, you will eventually find yourself lying on it.
  30. The world is our University and everyone you encounter is your teacher. When you wake up each day, make sure you go to school.

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