How Does Wealth Affect You?

There is no doubt so many of us are affected by our successes or failures in life. I hear people tell me “I know what it is like to be poor”, or “I have been rich before and lost it”, but you see it really don’t matter much whether you have had wealth or poverty; whether you have experienced failure or success at a certain point in your life. What really matters is how that poverty or wealth affected you.

If that trial or deprivation made you a better, honest, nobler, loving, focused person, then, your poverty has been riches, failure has been a success. On the other hand, if your wealth has made you a vain, arrogant, contemptuous, uncharitable, Continue reading How Does Wealth Affect You?

How to Express Love

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For many people it is so easy for them to think, say, and judge others than for them to act. I have heard many people talk about the things they would do if they had the kind of power or money others had. – “Oh if I were a millionaire, or blessed with some sudden wealth”…”I would reduce poverty in my community; I would build schools and give out scholarship to indigent students; I would build a specialist hospital and offer free medical services; I would show all these rich people what real philanthropy is.” Oh just how easy and sweet it is to spend money you don’t have; how easy it is to help people spend their fortunes!

While we may not all be millionaires and billionaires, we all have something…it may not be much, but it is still something. So the question is; are you living up to the little you have?  Are you generous with what you have where you are? It baffles me how anyone who is selfish with one thousand dollars will now suddenly become an angel giving generously when his millions arrive. The person who has the spirit of generosity in him does not make empty boasts and promises each time an opportunity to give or help someone presents itself. Continue reading How to Express Love

How to Become a Wife: 9 Things Men consider When choosing a Wife

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A friend asked me recently, “Why are there so many eligible Bachelors around? I mean there are many men who have everything going for them yet they are still single…why?” In answering her question, I referred her to the following words from the sages; “Whether a man shall be made or marred by marriage greatly depends upon the choice he makes of a wife.”  “Nothing is better than a good woman nor anything worse than a bad one. Before taking the irrevocable step choose well, for your choice though brief is yet endless.”

Men are always careful about the choice of their wives. That is why you find that a man may go out with just any kind of lady, even shower her with the most expensive of gifts, yet abandon her to marry one who isn’t as exposed, as beautiful, as well connected, as educated as the one he was dating.

In choosing a wife, there are many things a man looks out for, Continue reading How to Become a Wife: 9 Things Men consider When choosing a Wife

8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Husband

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The spate of divorces, tales of heartbreaks; domestic violence; maltreatments; and so many other complains from women in the hands of their spouses, got me really wondering as to what women consider when they choose to date or marry men.

I do know that women are always choosy and careful about things that matter to them. A woman would not hire a housemaid whom they have very little information about; a woman wouldn’t hire a security person whose character hasn’t been proven; women are always careful about their drivers, hairstylist, tailors, and other customers…they go all the lengths just to make sure they can trust these people.

Yet when it comes to marriage, many women are always in haste. And in their haste to be married many women are too easily satisfied with the characters of men who may offer themselves as husbands.

In a rush to beat the “woman clock”, and yielding to family pressures, they cling to any man that comes along, with even less information as to their characters they will accept husbands and vow to love, honour, and obey them! Ladies, marriage isn’t something you do with short term planning or thinking. Continue reading 8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Husband

How to Be Happy in Your Relationship or Marriage

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Fate, circumstances, or other people may help you discover love, and from there a love affair starts that may end up in marriage, but fate, circumstances, or people cannot guarantee how happy that relationship or marriage turns out to be. Just like a wise man once put it; “No man ever gained a happy life by chance, or yawned it into being with a wish.”
Yet there are many of us who falsely believe that dating or marrying the person you love is an automatic ticket to a life of happiness, only to discover later on that that happiness in relationships and marriages, must be worked for; must be earned by patient endurance, self-restraint, and an accommodation for the likes and dislikes of your partner.

The reason why there seem to be many tales of unhappiness in relationships and marriages is because many of us expect to find happiness without taking any trouble to make it, or we become so selfishly preoccupied that we cannot enjoy our relationships.
Happiness in love relationships can only be achieved through continuous sacrifice. We fall in love, and get married to end our misery, yet we become more miserable in our relationships, because many of us ignore the law of “self-sacrifice” which operates in all things God created. The law, that states that; it is more blessed to give than to receive. Continue reading How to Be Happy in Your Relationship or Marriage

Time to Turn Your Hopes into Faith

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Every time I hear people say, oh “if I could just play football like Lionel Messi”, or “if I could just sing like Beyonce”, or “if I could be as rich as Dangote”, “if I was gifted with the skills of Mark Zuckerberg”… if I have these skill or that ability, what wouldn’t I do? But the question that often come to my mind each time I hear those words is, what have you done with the gifts and talents you have? Or didn’t God give you any talents?…Honestly? The world is full of so many people who are living in “wish land” or “hope land”. Everywhere you turn, you find people who wish they would be this or that, people who go about hoping for one sudden big break without putting in any effort. Folks nothing is ever achieved by mere hoping or wishing.

In fact we have hoped and wished enough, it’s time to act in faith. Everybody is always hoping for better things; the poor hope to get rich; the sick hope to get well; the sad hope to gain happiness; the troubled hope to find peace; everybody is hoping for something, but how many of us have the faith that is necessary to secure that something? When we pray to God; we hope that our prayers will be answered, and we are so absorbed in our hopes that we fail to recognize the answers to those prayers. Folks, “to have hope is to face the door, but hope stands still; it never moves towards the door. To live in hope is simply to face the great goal, but we may continue to face that goal for ages, and never move forward a step.” Continue reading Time to Turn Your Hopes into Faith

Today: God’s Gift For You

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“This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118:24

“Each night I go to sleep I die and the next morning when I wake up I am reborn again.”  —Gandhi

Each day is a gift from God, and the best way to live it is with rejoicing and gladness just like the Psalmist said. Receive this day as a special gift from heaven, an opportunity for us to be reborn and begin our lives again. If you see this day as a gift, you will treasure it, and not waste it on unproductive activities. Never allow the pains, hurdles, handicaps, and defeats of yesterday to poison your attitude towards this day. Never allow the words, actions or inactions of others to cast a pall of gloom and defeat on the entire day. This day is too precious to be wasted on thinking about the hate, jealousy and envy of others.

Sometimes it seems as if the 24 hours allotted to us each day isn’t enough to accomplish all tasks at hand, and so we tend to always be in a hurry. Continue reading Today: God’s Gift For You

Winning: At What Cost?

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The Better Thing
It is better to lose with a conscience clean than to win by a trick unfair;
It is better to fail and to know you’ve been, Whatever the prize was, square, than to claim the joy of a far-off goal And the cheers of the standers-by, and to know down deep in your inmost soul A cheat you must live and die.
Who wins by trick can take the prize, and at first he may think it sweet, But many a day in the future lies When he’ll wish he had met defeat.
For the man who lost shall be glad at heart and walk with his head up high. While his conqueror knows he must play the part of a cheat and a living lie. Continue reading Winning: At What Cost?

How are You Playing the Game of Life?

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How Are You Playing the Game?

Life is a game with a glorious prize, If we can only play it right. It is give and take, build and break, And often it ends in a fight; But he surely wins who honestly tries (Regardless of wealth or fame), He can never despair who plays it fair How are you playing the game?

Do you wilt and whine, if you fail to win In the manner you think your due? Do you sneer at the man in case that he can And does, do better than you? Do you take your rebuffs with a knowing grin? Do you laugh tho’ you pull up lame? Does your faith hold true when the whole world’s blue? How are you playing the game?

Get into the thick of it-wade in, boys! Continue reading How are You Playing the Game of Life?