Keep Going

Tales of success and breakthroughs are often made to appear so easy.  We’re seduced by the tales of actors and actresses being discovered by a famous producer at the neighbourhood store or mall, or a classmate who got a dream job with mouth watering salary just by showing up at the job fair. We see an author hit the big time after just one appearance on Oprah or an upcoming artiste signed by a big time record label after submitting a demo-it all seems easy and exciting. It’s easy to be seduced by this stress-free easy money tales. The trouble is these kinds of stories are very addictive and cause you to forever remain in dreamland.

As easy and sweet as most success stories may sound, that isn’t all there is to the tales. The truth is all the people we think are overnight successes, people we consider as very lucky weren’t. Nobody is an overnight success, we just didn’t notice them until they were “made”. All the true successes of this world went through the process; they hung on in spite of the challenges. Behind very bestselling author are the many unread and unnoticed books. Behind every Grammy award winning artiste are the countless nights in the studio, the many times record labels have turned them down, the many times they struggle for time, even for free shows. Nobody just gets on Oprah overnight, they started somewhere, were rejected a lot of times before the break came.

I look at my own life and the work I do. – When I started out blogging there were many posts I thought were brilliant that didn’t get a single reaction from people. They are still there, yet I had put in so much time, I stayed up late at night, many nights, I attended classes, read books, listened to tapes, just to be able to pass my message across. Today I receive emails, and people tell me, “you are lucky people like your work.” Folks I don’t believe in luck. I believe in favour, in hard work, in discipline, in persisting, in staying focus, in sacrifice. The world wants to see you persist if you want to be “made”. It demands a signal from you that you are serious, powerful, focus, and should be accepted.

Oprah Winfrey’s first show wasn’t exceptional, Apple’s first products weren’t market leaders, Microsoft failed twice with Windows, four times with Word. What made them great was the fact that they believed in their ideas, and were willing to slog it out. Friends, “when the pains get so bad that you’re ready to quit you’ve set yourself up as someone with nothing to lose. And someone with nothing to lose has quite a bit of power. Never give in. keep going.


9 thoughts on “Keep Going”

  1. I agree. In every success of the FAMOUS people, there were hardships that we do not know.
    And I agree, we should not give up with just one single failure… striving for success isn’t easy but it will be worth it.

    Thanks for this entry! 🙂


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