One Way to Love: Listen

“What is so important that we have time to read all the books on love and relationships but we do not have the time to listen to the heart of our lover.” – Molly Vass

This quote captures the major problem we face in our world today. Everywhere you go you find people desperately looking for solutions to their love problems. We visit counsellors, coaches, buy bestselling books on love and relationships, subscribe to online blogs and magazine on love all in the bid to save our relationships and marriages. Too many times we don’t find the answers we seek in the books, and in despair we give up…on love.

We do everything but the simple thing necessary to build love. – LISTENING. In a world where everyone and everything is screaming to be heard, we fail to listen to our spouses. There are some of us who believe buying gifts for our loved ones should be more than enough to assure them of our love. We feel what our loved ones require more from us is our money and the things that money can buy for them. If this was the case, many of our rich neighbours in this world won’t be having miserable marriages and relationships today, on the contrary they are the worst hit.

Folks “the first duty of love is to listen.” Nothing makes a human feel more loved than giving them your attention and time. Instead of focusing on yourself, and always wanting to be heard, try and make yourself quite enough to hear others around you. You have thought enough. You have done enough. You have read enough. It’s time to listen enough!

Live your greatest life!

7 thoughts on “One Way to Love: Listen”

  1. “Talk is cheap. Supply exceeds demand.” I couldn’t agree more with your sentiment! Listening is one of the most valuable parts of a relationship.
    p.s. Thanks for liking my post!


  2. Dear Vincent, the network problems in Cameroon wouldn’t prevent me from commenting on this powerful post of yours. Yesterday, l listened to somebody even though l knew l couldn’t help. I felt so good for l appreciate when someone even listens genuinenly. Cheers from Cameroon, your book will be mailed today


    1. Wow! Good to know you arrived home safely. I can understand the network issues perfectly. Thanks again for the book Marie! Blessings!


  3. Truly! I always say “Listening might be the loving thing you do today!” Instead of sitting around wondering why people are like that, start listening and be attentive to them, that way, they can feel the love. 🙂

    Thanks for this entry! 🙂


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