What is a Miracle?

What is a miracle? One dictionary defines it as “any amazing or wonderful occurrence”, or “a marvellous event manifesting a supernatural act of a divine agent.” I guess many of us would accept these definitions or have definitions closer or similar to these. As a young Christian boy, I use to crave after miracles, signs and wonders. I like attending events that blind people received their sights, the deaf heard, the cripple walked, and people with terrible sicknesses healed. These to me are miracles – according to the world, something unexplainable; amazing; wonderful; divine; supernatural.

The scripture tells us God daily loads us with benefits (miracles, blessings). Every day that passes we experience a miracle, but we never notice them since we expect miracles to be spectacular, grand, supernatural, unexplainable and so on. Sometimes our miracles and blessings are intangible, so we don’t pay attention to them. A miracle doesn’t have to be amazing; the favours we receive unsolicited for are miracles. The times you run the red light, or over speed and you are not given a ticket is a miracle. Many times when we tell the stories about our lives, we talk about the challenges, the obstacles and the sorrows we faced, the number of disappointments we have faced, the many cold nights we passed, the much heartbreaks we have suffered, we forget to mention, notice, recognize the source of the strength to out-last those sorrows. We came out of those events unbroken, when there are others who suffered less of what we faced, yet never survived it.

Folks God reaches out to us through miracles in various forms; through that friend and family member that came to your rescue, through the strength to out-last your challenges. He is ever present, and says “If you suffer, I will give you grace to go forward.” Take a look at your life, and you will agree with me that you have been enjoying miracles every day, only you never recognized them as miracles.

6 thoughts on “What is a Miracle?”

  1. Wow did I need to read this today. Such truth and a wonderful question to ask oneself. What story am I telling about my life? About how difficult it is with all the struggles or do we talk about our blessings and the miracles in our own lives? Thank you for this today 🙂

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  2. Wonderful words! We all need to open our eyes to see and open our ears to hear the miracles God is performing for us all the time. We seem to take what happens for granted and overlook the fact that they are God’s miracles because He loves us!


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