8 Things to Consider When Choosing a Husband

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

The spate of divorces, tales of heartbreaks; domestic violence; maltreatments; and so many other complains from women in the hands of their spouses, got me really wondering as to what women consider when they choose to date or marry men.

I do know that women are always choosy and careful about things that matter to them. A woman would not hire a housemaid whom they have very little information about; a woman wouldn’t hire a security person whose character hasn’t been proven; women are always careful about their drivers, hairstylist, tailors, and other customers…they go all the lengths just to make sure they can trust these people.

Yet when it comes to marriage, many women are always in haste. And in their haste to be married many women are too easily satisfied with the characters of men who may offer themselves as husbands.

In a rush to beat the “woman clock”, and yielding to family pressures, they cling to any man that comes along, with even less information as to their characters they will accept husbands and vow to love, honour, and obey them! Ladies, marriage isn’t something you do with short term planning or thinking.

Your choice for a husband is something you really need to get right, because it’s going to affect your life forever. Most women marry simply for a home and a change of name because they have not been trained to fight the battle of life for themselves, they haven’t spent time to develop themselves, and because their lives are so dull that they think any change must be for the better, only to find themselves sadder than they were when they were spinsters.

When making your choice consider the following:

  1. You will not like to live with a liar, with a thief, with a drunkard, for twenty or thirty years.
  2. A lazy man will not be able to support your house; so is the man without the power to bear pain and trouble without whining.
  3. Becareful of the selfish man, for though he may shower you with gifts in the early weeks of your relationship, he will settle back into it again when the challenges of life come on.
  4. Whatever you tolerate during dating spills over during your marriage.
  5. A man who doesn’t respect your opinions, abuses or ridicules you during dating period will do much more when you are married.
  6. And remember that a man may have some of these vices in him and yet be extremely agreeable and good-looking, dress well, and say very pretty and charming things. Call you every minute or fill your phone with loving text messages.
  7. Always seek a God fearing man.
  8. Above all things ask God, the best maker of marriages, to direct you in making the right choice.


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