How Does Wealth Affect You?

There is no doubt so many of us are affected by our successes or failures in life. I hear people tell me “I know what it is like to be poor”, or “I have been rich before and lost it”, but you see it really don’t matter much whether you have had wealth or poverty; whether you have experienced failure or success at a certain point in your life. What really matters is how that poverty or wealth affected you.

If that trial or deprivation made you a better, honest, nobler, loving, focused person, then, your poverty has been riches, failure has been a success. On the other hand, if your wealth has made you a vain, arrogant, contemptuous, uncharitable, cynical, depriving you of knowing God, of doing good to others, then, wealth has lied to you, it has been failure, not success; it has not been riches, it has been dark, treacherous poverty that stole from you the true meaning of life.


12 thoughts on “How Does Wealth Affect You?”

    1. Eric I really appreciate your thoughts here on my blog. Thank you very much. I am gonna take a look at your link later. Blessings brother!


  1. Glory to God. It is truly a blessing to read this. I pray for God to give us a spirit of humility for the rest of the time we have upon this earth. Amen. What more to know that the Kingdom of Heaven in Christ Jesus is the greatest wealth I have encountered. Good job! God bless you.


  2. Wealth has never been very important to me. I am not a materialist. I know there are people throughout the world who are suffering from lack, But once the basic needs are met, the rest is just unnecessary. The best thing to do with wealth is to help those in real need. Greed is a sickness.Thanks for the post. Very inspirational as always.


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