Leave Everything to God

When we meet losses or reverses, and when all doors seem to be closed against us, let us not fall down into gloom and despair. Rather let us remember that God can open all doors for us. We may regain our loss when we leave it to God. We may enter pastures green, and realize more than we ever envisioned before. The doors of heaven open to realms that are vast, and to richness that is limitless.

When we seem to have lost our way, and do not know where to turn; when situations are confusing, and darkness enfolds our world completely, remember that God knows the way; and can lead us even in the blackest of nights. There is a light stronger than all the darkness in the universe. That light can clear the way and lead us directly into freedom and peace. All you have to do is leave all your cares and troubles to God.  You will be amazed at  how soon confusions are stilled, how soon conditions adjust themselves and adversity change into blessings when we in true faith, I leave it to God.   Continue reading Leave Everything to God


Trust in the Lord

Feeling downcast today? Enjoy this devotional message for today:

Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. (Psalm 37:3)

I once met a poor woman who earned a meagre living through hard domestic labour but was a joyful, triumphant Christian. Another Christian lady, who was quite sullen, said to her one day, “Nancy, I understand your happiness today, but I would think your future prospects would sober you. Suppose, for instance, you experience a time of illness and are unable to work. Or suppose your present employers move away, and you cannot find work elsewhere. Or suppose—”

“Stop!” cried Nancy. “I never ‘suppose.’ ‘The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want’ [Ps. 23:1]. And besides,” she added to her gloomy friend, “it’s all that ‘supposing’ that’s making you so miserable. You’d better give that up and simply trust the Lord.” Continue reading Trust in the Lord

Make the Best of Everything

Make best use of everything, every situation, and nothing but opportunities will come your way. When you make the best of everything you will attract the best of everything, and everything becomes an opportunity for you. Sure there will be some situations that may seem worthless, tragic, or terrible, that will make us think we are wasting our time while we go through such states. Maybe you are reading this and you have lost a loved one, you or someone close to you has a terminal illness, and you are wondering what opportunities are there in such situation. Folks yes, we may not get out of the situation, but you can still find an opportunity in it; an opportunity to be closer to God, an opportunity to be around you loved ones and experience true family closeness once more. A lot of people have lost family members to terminal illnesses, and through that experience, they are now helping other people cope with living with the situations, you see no matter how worthless the situation may seem to be, the person who makes the best use of it while he is in it will get something of real value out of it; in addition, the experience will have exceptional worth, because whenever we try to turn a negative situation to good account we turn everything in ourselves to good account. Continue reading Make the Best of Everything

Speak only Beauty

Every word or thought that you express will return to you. Knowing this, never say anything to make others discouraged or unhappy; it will come back to you. When you give unhappiness to others, you are giving unhappiness to yourself. When you add to the joy of others, you are adding to your own joy. Say only good about others. Look at the beautiful side of others. Everyone has a beautiful side, find it and think of that only. – So many marriages and relationships will still be existing today, if we had practised this. Remember all our words and actions are seeds, they will surely grow and yield fruits no matter how long it takes. Sow joy and happiness, and you will be reaping a harvest of joy in your life.

If you believe that there is nothing in your life for which you can be happy for, stop this very moment and count your blessings. I bet you will surprise yourself; and you will then decide never to depreciate and disrespect yourself again. Friends, be thankful and be glad; you will discover like I have, that the more things you’re grateful and glad for, the more things you will have to be grateful and glad for. Gratitude is a magnet and it draws more and more of everything that can increase gratitude. Always and under every circumstance, give thanks, and no good thing shall be withheld from you.

Just Rejoice!

When calamities or catastrophies have overtaken your life, do not think that fate or Providence has ordered it so. Do not think that it has to be. Instead, forget the sorrow and the loss, and congratulate yourself over the fact that you now have the privilege to build for greater things than you ever knew before. Do not weep over loss; but rejoice to think that now you are called upon to prove the greater wisdom and power within you. You have been taken out into a new world. Before you lie vast fields of undeveloped and unexplored opportunities —fields that you would not have known had not this seeming misfortune come upon you. So count it all joy. All things are working together for a greater good. Now it is for you to come forward in joy and accept the greater good. A richer life and a greater future are in store. Therefore, rejoice and be glad, and give strength to your rejoicing. Let your soul repeat again and again that sweet re-assuring refrain —just be glad. In that refrain there is comfort and peace; it lifts the burdens, removes the clouds, dispels the gloom ; it takes away the sadness and the loss, and all is well again. And naturally so, for all things respond to the call of rejoicing; all things gather where life is a song. – Christian D.Larson

In All Things Give Thanks!

Paulo Coelho shared this story originally in his blog; “There was once a well-known scholar, who lived in a mountain in the Himalayas. Tired of living with men, he had chosen a simple life and spent most of his time meditating. His fame, however, was so great that people were willing to walk narrow paths, climb steep hills, swim rivers – to meet the holy man who was believed to be able to resolve any trouble of the human heart.

The wise man, as he was full of compassion, gave some advice here and there, but kept trying to get rid of unwanted visitors. Still, they appeared in larger groups, and once a day a crowd knocked on his door, saying that great stories about him were published in their local newspaper and that everyone was sure he knew how to overcome the difficulties of their lives. The wise man said nothing but asked them to sit and wait. Three days passed, and more people arrived. When there was no room for anyone else, he addressed the people who were outside his door.

“Today I will give the answer that everyone wants. But you must promise that, to have your problems solved, you will not tell the new pilgrims that I moved here – so that you can continue to live in the solitude you so much crave. Men and women have made a sacred oath that if the wise fulfilled their promises, they would not let any more pilgrims climb the mountain.” “Tell me your problems,” said the sage.

Someone began to speak, but was soon interrupted by others, as everyone knew that this was the last public hearing that the holy man was giving, and they feared that he wouldn’t have the time to listen to all of them. Minutes later, confusion was created, many voices were shouting at the same time, people were crying, men and women were tearing their hair out in despair because it was impossible to hear. The wise man let the situation be prolonged a little, until he cried, “Silence!”

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