Its Time to Embrace Failure

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The world has taught us to dread failure, to hate failure, and to even consider ourselves worthless if and when we fail in life. But on the contrary, failure shouldn’t be feared, instead it should be embraced. A wise man once defined failure as one of God’s educators; an experience leading man to higher things. Most of the people whose lives, and achievements we celebrate today often look back with real happiness on their failures, as failure marked the turning point of their lives. When they tell their life stories, they are always thankful for the failed opportunities, the failed businesses or products, or the many other things they tried and didn’t succeed, which now formed the foundation of their success.

We can learn from nature and recognize that often times when we fail, God is only preparing us for better things, just as a seed has to be destroyed when planted before it can become a big plant, or in the way the failure of the caterpillar becomes the birth of the butterfly. You see even in nature failure leads to better and bigger beginning.  I believe that if we can carefully think of the greatest moment of our lives, any great success we have achieved, anyone who is dear to us, say our spouse/partner, and then consider how we arrived at that moment, that success, that love, that marriage, that breakthrough, we will be amazed by the discovery we will make.

As we take that journey backwards, and trace each one, step by step, putting the pieces together, we will see just how big a role failure has placed in our lives. Many of us will see that we found the love of our lives after our hearts were broken by another, for some of us, we will come to discover how that loss of job, that sack letter, gave rise to our starting our business, or getting a higher paying job. Still for some, you will see that you discovered your true genius after you failed an exam. Overall we will come to discover that our greatest prosperity, success, and growth in life have come out of the sorrows, tears, and failures we had experienced at one point or another.


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15 thoughts on “Its Time to Embrace Failure”

      1. Thank YOU brother! If you ever want to share your story on my site, I would be honored to have you as a guest blogger and share your testimony of God’s Grace.


  1. “Many of us will see that we found the love of our lives after our hearts were broken by another” How right that is, and how right it is that many other failures, trials, and challenges where we did not succeed teach us and lead us to better things, a wiser life, and a more full life. Thank you so much for this!


    1. Thank you for sharing your kind thoughts on my blog. We all work hard to spread inspiration in the world. Blessings!


  2. Yes, Vincent, It’s from failures we learn. It’s from blows we’re strengthened. Thank you for a thought-provoking post that will help people to face disappointments and discouragement with greater courage.


    1. Thank you sir. You write great posts too. I have just subscribe, so that I can benefit from your wisdom. Blessings!


  3. Thank you for the good experience you shared with us, failure can be a good thing. Sometimes we learn from our failures that we need to change something we are doing, if we realize that what we did was not making us or anybody else happy. I believe that whether we turn failure into success or into more failure, depends on our will.


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