How Prepared are You For Success?

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Deep inside every one of us is that desire for advancement in life. We all desire success- whatever success may mean to you. We all desire to have enough at least to meet our needs. There are some of us who wish we had a rich family member who will enlist us in his estate. There are still some of us who play the lottery and pray our ticket number wins the jackpot. But the question I want to ask is how prepared are you to receive the success you so desire? If your prayers are finally answered and success, wealth or greatness, were suddenly to come to you, will it find you prepared for it?

Experience has shown us many people who inherited sudden wealth, or won millions of dollars in lottery, and were consumed by the wealth simply because they weren’t prepared for it. Most of the people who occupy our rehabilitation centres, are not the poor, but the rich, and people from privileged backgrounds. How prepared are you for the success, fame, wealth, power, you desire? Have gained the discipline? Have you developed the habits require? Have you spent the time to acquire the knowledge to sustain and maintain your success?

In the parable of the ten Virgins, we saw how ten ladies where waiting for their groom, and five of them, though expecting the groom, didn’t take the time to put oil in their lamps, and ended up missing the ceremony when they had to go look for oil, at about the time the groom came. Learn from this story and use the time you are waiting for your prayers and dreams to be realized, to prepare yourself.

3 thoughts on “How Prepared are You For Success?”

  1. My Dear Vincent, Good post. …I do not think in terms of ‘success.’ My one concern is How I shall be answering my Lord when I go to meet Him. But even in that, or perhaps, More in that, Your thoughts are a Good Reminder. We would all do well to go through Christ’s teachings and exhortations about the End times. Thanks for Reminding!


  2. That’s a really good question. One that demands an answer from each of us.
    Together with the question “Why do you want to succeed?”, these two questions should help us maintain the right perspective towards worldly pursuits.


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