You are a Symbol and Source of Blessing!

There are times when one can feel so low, especially when there is so much negativity around. In my own life I have had to contend with a lot of opposition, doubts, challenges, especially in this path of writing to inspire others. I have discovered that when people don’t understand you and your mission, instead of asking questions, they just spill a lot of negativity at you. When you try to move on, people keep trying to bring you back by pointing at the obvious in your life; your past failures, your sins, your weaknesses, any other reason they think you shouldn’t be on your mission.

Just a moment ago I was feeling not so high with myself, and God brought me to this passage of scripture: “Among the other nations, Judah and Israel became symbols of a cursed nation. But no longer! Now, I will rescue you and make you both a symbol and a source of blessing. So don’t be afraid. Be strong, and get on with rebuilding the temple!” – Zachariah 8:13. (NLT)

I do know there is someone also who needs this reassurance from God. Is it you? It doesn’t matter what people have tagged you, it doesn’t matter what people associate with you, maybe when people see you, they see a failed Wife, Husband, Parent, or Child. Maybe people refer to you as an addict, a drop out, or an ex convict. Maybe people associate you with a particular disease, or with poverty. But the scripture is saying it doesn’t matter at all, God is going to change all that and make you both a symbol and a source of blessing. Do not be afraid. Don’t pay attention to them. Be strong, and get on with your work, get on with your rebranding, with your development!

Live your greatest life!


5 thoughts on “You are a Symbol and Source of Blessing!”

  1. Reblogged this on Sisters' Keeper and commented:
    Have been feeling a bit “under a cloud” recently. This blog was an encouragement and I hope it will encourage others too.

    Be blessed and know that God has us in His hands and He is our strength.

    Love to you all.

    Marisse Cropper


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