5 Ways to Become an Irreplaceable Woman

Photo Credit: flickr.com
Photo Credit: flickr.com

The desire of every woman is to have her man to herself. Well ladies, if you want to make yourself irreplaceable, you must learn to meet these important needs of men, in my opinion:

1. Sexual fulfilment: A wife meets this need by becoming a terrific sexual partner. She studies her own sexual response to recognize and understand what brings out the best in her; then she shares this information with him, and together they learn to have a sexual relationship that both find repeatedly satisfying and enjoyable.

2. Physical attractiveness:  Keep yourself physically fit, and in perfect shape. Always make your hair, wearing makeup and clothes in a way that your man finds attractive and tasteful. Most women just let themselves out of shape and unattractive after child birth, never caring how they look. This shouldn’t be the case for the woman who wants to become irreplaceable! If a man is attracted to you at home, he will be proud of you publicly!

3. Domestic support: Manage your home in such a way that it is a delight for a man to want to spend more time in. taking care in being prudent with the finances.

4. Recreational companionship: Develop an interest in the recreational activities he enjoys. If you don’t enjoy them, you can encourage him to try other activities you find interesting. Try and become his best friend.

5. Admiration: Understand and appreciate him more than anyone else. Always remind him of his value and achievements so that he can keep his confidence. Avoid criticism, and reminder of past faults and failure.


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5 thoughts on “5 Ways to Become an Irreplaceable Woman”

  1. wow, you’ve got a lot to read here on your site, hopefully i will work my way through it all, God bless


  2. Ladies I do agree with #5. It is important to show admiration to you husband. 1-4 is not really something you should work at. If you Love God and abode by his word. The man that God sends for you will find you attractive and you him. You will already have things in commend that you won’t really have to compromise so much. Looks will change but the inside won’t. That’s what’s important. If you don’t love the inside then when the outside changes that is when thoughts of wanting someone else comes in. Wait on God and you won’t have to worry about keeping your man. But showing your man reverence and support is important. If he is head of you house..he needs to know that you believe in him. That you believe in the God in him. Prayer and talking together. But anyway..be blessed and just think about it. 😊

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  3. Vincent, that number 1 in our typical African context is hmm… And well I discovered that although as a wife I didn’t feel comfortable or inclined to share such stuffs with my husband or better still be bold to tell him without being asked, ( many african women have long thought as wives they are better off receiving sex and nothing to do with love making), I could and was encouraged to talk about all that as a Mistress. Food for thought now


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