Never Mind How Long It Takes!

“The Lord isn’t really being slow about his promise, as some people think. No, he is being patient for your sake…” – 2 Peter 3:9

There are times when it looks like God doesn’t answer prayers, we are faced with troubles and needs from every side yet with no hope of meeting them. Do you ever feel this way? In my own life I experience these things. There are days when it seems that God is just so far away, while I am here with so many needs. There are days when all the doors just shut, and no key seem to unlock them. There are times when you just question if really God called you, if you are on the right track, when things just keep going wrong around you, when it seems like the enemy is winning the war. But God is there…watching!

I believe the disciples must have felt this way too when the winds were tearing their boat apart, they were wailing and shouting…really confused, but Christ was lying there in the midst of the confusion, just watching! Sometimes we get confused, and interpret God’s silence, and delayed answer to prayers to mean abandonment, or passive agreement to the enemy’s attack on us. But really God is only taking His time, and will arise at the exact moment, “just when the plans of the wicked are on the verge of success, in order to overwhelm the enemy with disaster. And as we see the evil of this world, as we watch the apparent success of wrongdoers, and as we suffer the oppression of those who hate us, let us remember those miraculous words of God—“I will remain quiet and will look on.”

You see Christ allowed His disciples to struggle to keep their boat afloat through that stormy night, because He was waiting for the right moment to intervene and save them. God may appear quiet in your situation, but He is listening, and still sees everything you are going through. Be rest assured that He will come to your rescue when the perfect moment arrives!

4 thoughts on “Never Mind How Long It Takes!”

  1. Very Good, and Very True, Vincent. Today, like Simeon, I am asking the Lord for Rest. But there were times when I lived in fear and anxiety. ‘And from them all the Good Lord has delivered me.’ Praised be the Lord. Blessings on You and Yours. Love and Regards.


  2. Glory to God that such encouraging words are a ” Right On Time” word. I thank God that though I may struggle in my faith and hope at times when there is a raging sea before me, I can find an anchor in such words as these that are shared through the comfort of God’s true holy word and by those, such as yourself, that boldly move forward with the sword of truth to help keep our minds stayed on the promises of God. God bless you and thank you for sharing an active testimony. Romans 4:20……


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