You’ve Come too Far to Turn Back Now

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Why do you want to turn back now after putting so many years, months, weeks, or days of your time, money, and energy into your dreams? Some of us are like a group of people that set out on a journey of 10hrs, and after putting in 7hrs of their time without realizing it, decide to quit and head back home because they aren’t there yet, and can’t see their destination in view. But they forget that it will take much more energy to walk back home than it will require to continue on the journey since they are almost there!

Folks, in that path of yours; whether it’s your marriage, relationship, business, life calling, or whatever pursuit you are embarking on, you have come too far to think of looking back. Do you realize your feet have walked through the valleys of life, you have climbed the mountains of opposition, and challenges, crossed rivers, and so many good people have deserted you because you chose this path? No matter how hard it’s getting now, think about what you’ve been through. Don’t let the enemy have the last laugh!

Keep pushing you are closer than you know it! Never look behind, because there is nothing pleasant back home. Behind you are the broken dreams you ran away from, the lies, the lack of job satisfaction, hunger, poverty, heartaches, and fears…are these what you want to head back to? No! Ahead of you is a new day; a promise of a better life; financial freedom; love; eternal life; marriage; a degree…or whatever else you are looking for on your path.

Keep pushing, never look back! The world is waiting for you to show up!


3 thoughts on “You’ve Come too Far to Turn Back Now”

  1. This is a good word Vincent. So often we are like the Jews leaving Egypt. Things get tough and we start looking back fondly to times that if we are honest really were not that fond. It reminds me of this song by Sarah Groves…


  2. if there is a tree that you intend on chopping down, there are a number of ways you can go about cutting it down, bomb chainsaw, axe or others, but the axe takes a bit of determination and perseverance, and a bit of optimism and unfortunately patience. you may have seen those black and white pictures of guys standing under the hollowed out area of a tree and if your anything like me you wondered how it must be that the tree doesn’t just drop on them? at any rate these guys never know for sure how many swings it’s gonna take of an axe to fall a tree ten feet in diameter. but not only do they fall the tree but many develop an art of climbing the tree by putting notches in the tree and putting planks or boards in the tree in order to create steps in the tree to get to the best most even and coincidentally softest part of the tree. they cut and cut and cut, not only do the eventually fall the tree but they fall it in the direction of their choosing commonly within a few degrees of their target. they even would place wagers on soda or beer cans, the wager would be that they could hit and crush the can with the fallen tree. that’s precision my friend. this was done without giant machines, or technology to tell them where to hit the tree or how many hits it’s gonna take. often in life we will be forced to treat matters in this way. we have to learn from others the best way to get a goal accomplished, we have to understand that diligence determination and patience is imperative to achieving a great many goals and more than anything we must learn that while he have no idea how many swings it’s gonna take. if we want to fall that tree exactly as we desire we must keep on hacking at it often adjusting the trajectory or angle to get that desired result. i loved your post i am indeed a fan. looking forward to hearing more from you friend.



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