Test Your Love With Time

Photo Credit: whatchristianswanttoknow.com
Photo Credit: whatchristianswanttoknow.com

It is often very difficult to determine between infatuation and Love at the beginning, as both of them could come in the same form. You think its love when you meet someone for the first time, and you catch yourself stealing glances, and then starring at the other. You’ve not known each other for long, but something in you tells you, he or she is the one; maybe it’s the look in their eyes, the way they talk or walk…anyhow you just know. If you’ve ever fallen in love, then you know what I mean.

While all those feelings are good, how does one know if what I am experiencing is true love and not just infatuation? If this is what is what is in your mind, then you have to test your love to find out. Although a lot has been written about this by relationship experts, of which I am not one, but as someone who has tasted both sides of the relationship coin, and from the scriptures, I can tell you that true love is revealed in time.

True love waits. – Yes love is patient. We live in a society that operates in speed. All around us you find that everyone is always in a hurry – in a hurry to get here and there now. And we tend to carry this attitude into our relationships. Somebody falls in love with you today, and in a few weeks he wants to marry you, without taking time to really understand if it will work or not. He only based his judgement on how he feels when he is with you, or on your physical attractiveness. Similarly, you have this situation where you’re just starting a relationship with someone and the next thing the guy talks about is sex. You begin to hear statements like; “how do I know you love me if we can’t have it?” “let’s seal our love with sex” and so on. It’s so clear that isn’t love, because love will wait for you to be ready.

We see true love in display in this story found in Genesis 29. You see, while Jacob fell in love for Rachel at first sight, he proved his love for serving 14 years, just to get her. See verse 20 quoted below:

” So Jacob served seven years for Rachel and they seemed to him but a few days because of his love for her.

Anybody who cannot wait for you doesn’t love you period. Because when you’re in love, you seem to lose the sense of time…nothing seems to be too much. And no amount of time seems to be too long. You only get to know if you are in love, over time, because love grows through time while infatuation ebbs and diminishes with time. If you are always falling in love erly or quickly, only to be disappointed or heartbroken later, remembering this time test of love will save you future disappointments and heartbreaks.


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