You are Being Prepared for Something Great

There are times I wonder why I have to go through so much pressure and face so many challenges even as a child of God. Maybe you have been in this position too, where all you see when you look around you are the bills to pay, the needs to meet, and the many commitments you have to keep. Yet there are others around you who seem to have everything going for them, and their lives appear to be so easy.

This past week, was one of those weeks I had to tell God, “I am tired of these difficulties!” “Why can’t I just get to that point where I stop worrying about money?” “Why does it always have to be this difficult for me?” It didn’t take long for God to answer me, as I was led to this passage of scripture; “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” – Romans 8:18. With these words He told me I am being prepared for something great!

You too are being prepared for something great! And when we long for life without difficulties, let us remind ourselves that diamonds are made under pressure, or with these words from Daniel Crawford; “There is never a majestic mountain without a deep valley, and there is no birth without pain.”

Live your greatest life!


8 thoughts on “You are Being Prepared for Something Great”

  1. He gave me four words some time ago: “Let me (or us) be enough ( for ???)”. Those four words are always (and I mean always) followed by two more: “Thank you (for making me, or us, enough for ???)” Usually with a few baskets of leftovers to enjoy!

    Odd thing is? It is so easy to say the first four, and so easy to forget the second two.


  2. Hope You are seeing Easier times, Brother Vincent. …I have been there. Some years ago, when about 40 people were eating here on a regular basis, I would find only 20 Indian rupees with me. I used to tremble.

    I took Psalm 23.6 as my Key verse: ‘Surely, Only Goodness and Kindness, Shall follow me, All the days of my life,’ (my own translation). I used to say this All the time.

    And I found that God does not make us wait any too long to fulfil His promises. Today, those days of Tension are absolutely over! Praised be the Lord.


  3. Reblogged this on Shalom Merea (may,ray,ah) and commented:
    A great reminder for us to hold on, God is working out his mighty plan in us. I love the words of Daniel Crawford as quoted by Vincent, “There is never a majestic mountain without a deep valley, and there is no birth without pain.” May this be a reminder that most of the lessons worth learning in this life come at a cost, it is only in journeying the deep valley that we truly appreciate the majestic mountain!
    Thank you Vincent.


  4. If we choose to follow Christ, he tells us that our lives we will be persecuted, our lives will be difficult because we are going against the world and Satan wants to destroy us. Despite my best efforts, I have always scraped by financially. However, this is the least of my challenges in life. Sure, more money would make my life be lived easier but it would not make me whole. Christ tells us, ‘take up your yoke and follow me’ but he also says ‘his yoke is light’ yet, I do not believe that means it will be easy only that he will be there to help you carry it. Money will always be a problem in one way or another, if you have too little then the struggle can become overwhelming, if you have too much then you run the risk of thinking you no longer need God. Real challenges hit you when yours or your loved one’s health is attacked, when you cannot walk down the street without wondering if you will reach your destination alive, or if you have no food to give your hungry child. Life, as a Christian, is the hardest path you will ever follow but that is where faith comes in. If you are a Christian then you should expect some degree of suffering and hardship. Blessings upon you.


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