How to Have a Lasting Relationship

What makes relationships and marriages last forever and some others just for a few weeks? There are some of us who think if we get married to very wealthy and affluent people, then our marriages will be perfect. The secret of a happy marriage or relationship isn’t in the amount of money spent during the wedding, or where you had your wedding reception or honeymoon. Because I have seen marriages and relationships celebrated in the media all over the world that end up lasting just a few months. Yet there are people whose marriages have lasted several decades who didn’t have money to celebrate their weddings.

What your relationship is called, where you live, or how much money you spend or have, is not what determines how long your relationship lasts. Agreed, money is important in our lives, but it isn’t the most important thing. Yet too many of us have allowed the issue of money to get in the way of our enjoying our relationships. Money is superficial, and “when we let the superficial things get in the way of the substantial, our relationships cannot possibly remain healthy.” The secret to lasting relationship or marriage is the daily commitment make, and the support you give to stay into that relationship. “A relationship is what two people make of it, and it will prosper as long as those two people can make it last.”


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