What are You Focusing On?

The difference between those who overcome and those who fail in event of setbacks, difficulties, and other life challenges is the mindset. You see every one of us faces tough times. There isn’t any life on earth that isn’t tried in some way or the other. But in those trials, is also a way of escape. When times are tough, when the odds are stacked against us, we are also presented with opportunities to overcome. It’s just a matter of how we perceive and meet the challenge. Sometimes many of us fail, because we allow the negative situations to consume the positivity in us.

Like I said earlier, we all face difficulties, but many of us don’t survive or overcome the tough times because we are focused on them. We don’t see any hope. We don’t see how our lives will get back on track again after the negative event. Maybe you have been hit by a disease, debt, your house is being foreclosed, or your loved one is dying of a terminal illness. All these situations are terrible and cause great grief, but you can learn to find life in all these and not put your happiness on hold. Agreed you will have bad days, days where the situation will seem so hopeless. But you cannot allow your life to be taken over by the negative forces. Whenever you feel your life is going down, build yourself up with words of encouragement from, books, blogs such as these, and other positive materials, as well as surrounding yourself with positive people with a great sense of humour.

Too many of us relinquish control of our lives and accept the obvious in our lives for what they might seem to be. We don’t know we have a choice, the tools, or the power to face our fears and challenges head-on. Even if you’ve had enough troubles in life, even if your life is lacking something meaningful, I believe there is a way out for you. I believe you can alter the course of your life for good. Nobody was born a success, neither was anyone of us born a failure, but we’ve either achieved success or failure due to our own inner dialogue.

It’s up to you to change that inner dialogue by creating a belief system that allows you to see your life from a position of advantage rather than disadvantage. Only you can choose to shift your focus during adverse times. Only you can choose to shift your thoughts and words to turn challenges into opportunities, by getting into the habit of choosing positive thoughts and speaking empowering words. Focus on hope, gratitude, and seeing the good during “tough times”, and you will discover a brighter day, regardless of what is happening around you.

Live your greatest life!

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