How Do You Handle Your Setbacks?

If you travel around in my country, like in most countries in Africa, you will be used to seeing speed bumps, detours, and potholes on the roads. Often times, travel time is extended due to the delays caused by the poor state of some of the roads. In spite of all these obstacles on the way, I have yet to see anyone who refuses to travel because the roads are bad, or the occasional detours we encounter. Instead every road user finds a way to handle them, since we cannot totally avoid them.

In our own lives, we also face obstacles, detours, bumps, and potholes in our life journeys. While some people have found a way to handle them, others have let these obstacles stop them from going forward. All successful people know and practice these words of Isabel Moore; “Life is a one-way street. No matter how many detours you take, none leads back. And once you know and accept that, life becomes much simpler.”

So Guys, no matter what you are facing right now, keep moving forward on your life journey. Don’t let the road blocks stop you. Instead make the best of the detours and interruptions, turning adversity into advantage. See every detour or road block as a potential opportunity that cannot prevent you from being successful unless you let it.

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