Are You Successful?

Are you successful? What does success mean to you? To many of us, being successful means a great job or business (financial freedom), a nice car or cars, a house in a great neighbourhood, being able to travel to exotic locations, etc.

All these are good, but what about your family? How strong is your family relationship? You may not have all the money in the world, but if you have a great family relationship, I consider you successful. In this life, only a few people have managed to be truly successful without a positive, supportive family. You see, no matter what you have accomplished in life; how many jets, yachts, cars, houses, companies you own, or how much is in your bank account, you still lack something if none of these things benefit your family.

Like a wise man once noted, “a good family helps you know your purpose and develop your potential, and it helps you enjoy the journey along the way with an intensity that isn’t possible otherwise.” Some of us maybe our family don’t support us. And that could be because we do not carry them along. While others outside benefit from our generosity and gestures, our families don’t. We forget that charity begins at home. So folks if you have been blessed to have been successful but you’ve neglected to carry your family along, it’s time you have a rethink. Get your family to benefit too!

Maybe you are reading this and thinking, I can’t do that because my relationship/marriage is strained. There isn’t love anymore. The truth is most of our relationships fail because we lack the dedication to make things work. While relationships/marriages may start because of love, they require a strong commitment to keep them together. Just as Dr. A. Kinsey stated, “there may be nothing more important in a marriage (or relationship) than a determination that it shall persist. With such a determination, individuals force themselves to adjust and to accept situations which would seem sufficient grounds for a breakup, if continuation of the marriage (or relationship) were not the prime objective.”

Folks if you want to live your greatest life, and enjoy good success, then you must commit to building a strong family, because “there is a correlation between family success and personal success.”

3 thoughts on “Are You Successful?”

  1. These are all ministries and non must suffer because of the other. We must learn to balance the different ministries God has entrusted us with. You cannot rush to go to church to preach while ignoring your family. Balancing the different ministries we are entrusted with is what I prefer to call worshiping God.


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