How to Keep Your Hope Alive in Difficult Times

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We are always told that a positive mental attitude is the key to living well, healthy, and becoming successful. While this is true, many people don’t believe that one can be positive in the face of adversity. I know from my own experiences, and from the experiences of others, that sometimes it seem almost impossible to be positive when we face difficulties like for instance, you lose a loved one, you are facing a divorce or a breakup in your relationship, you are having serious financial crisis and so on. And there are some of us who face these situations in our daily lives, and to these people developing a positive attitude becomes easier said than done. But the truth is being negative in these situations will never get us out of the pit we are in.

You see, it’s so easy to become overwhelmed and defeated by adversity, before you allow yourself to think of a way out. When we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by any negative situation, we become vulnerable, as we have allowed our “fences”, “fire walls” to be broken, and given room to the Devil to feed our minds with all manner of negative thoughts, and before we know it, we are expressing those thoughts with our words, placing more curses on our lives. Some of us as a result, become depressed, hopeless.

Hopelessness is dangerous, because when you give up all hope, you actually seal your fate and finalize your destiny. Without hope, there is no room to even consider other options, let alone a miracle. Folks there are so many reasons why we should feel bad when we face difficulties in life, but we should always learn to find the courage to give thanks to God in spite of everything we’ve lost. We also need to understand that no matter how terrible a situation is, it is our perception of it that will either give us the hope of recovery, or make us want to give up to a lost cause.

“When adversity strikes, your perception of yourself and the world around you are key factors to ensure your well-being. If the words you speak aloud reflect weakness, inadequacy, or victimization, then the energy you send out will mirror those same qualities. On the other hand, if the words you speak reflect courage, power, and a view of life as a never- ending adventure and learning experience, then the energy you send out will mirror those words, filling you with hope and a sense of the opportunities ahead, thus enabling you to win the day-to-day battles that lead to a fulfilling life.”

When life gets hard and things don’t go as planned, let us always learn to surrender everything to God, and be aware that our God is able to deliver us or make a way for us to come out from whatever it is we are facing. One of the ways to do that is to continually speak His promises contained in the scriptures into our lives.

2 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Hope Alive in Difficult Times”

  1. That last paragraph is so important Vincent. Involving God through prayer and faith confession if the Scriptures is key to overcoming our adversaries. So many try to overcome through their own human strength and just end up defeated, but God is a true Victor and He brings strength where He is welcomed by faith.

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