You Are Not Your Past!

Have you been judged? I get judged every day. Even in the bible, we see that Christ was judged, Apostle Paul was judged and distrusted because of his past life of being a persecutor of the church. You see its really amazing how people cannot see you and accept you for who you are now, because they want to keep you in the past. For some of us even our family members judge us, they dismiss our advice, and solutions, because they keep seeing us as that little lad that was crying or playing around in the yard some years back, and so shouldn’t be taken seriously.

When I started out writing and being on this mission, I faced a lot of mockery, and negativity from people who knew me from way back. They can’t believe I have something to offer…the same thing they did with Christ, His people didn’t believe in His ministry, all they saw when they looked at Him was, that He was a Carpenter’s son whom they knew. They never knew God had recommended and empowered Him. The same thing with St. Paul, they just looked at his past.

There are some of us who even judge ourselves and write ourselves off before the world does, because of our past. We just can’t believe anything good can come out of us. We look at our lives, and all we can see is the mistakes, the drugs we’ve used, the years we have lost and so on. Folks when we are still looking at ourselves through our past, we are not seeing what God has done, or what He can do. We are not seeing the many small changes that happen in our lives for good.

I don’t care what others say about you. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in the past. The scriptures tell us that whoever God sets free is free forever, and all his past life is removed, and a new life replaced for him. So yes your family, your friends, your colleagues may know you, they may know who you were, but they don’t know what God is helping you to become. Don’t let anyone tie you down with your past, because, You are Not Your Past!

3 thoughts on “You Are Not Your Past!”

  1. ” … they may know who you were, but they don’t know what God is helping you to become.”

    Now wouldn’t it be really neat if we all just stopped “knowing” so much? What a lovely post Vincent. Like refreshing water flowing into every nook and cranny (now why do I remember that imagery?)

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  2. Great post. The thing to remember is that while some choose to only remember our past, those in need are helped best by those who have been there, done that and got past it. God gives everyone a liftime to change. Some may wait to long, some change early in life and some at a point between ones begining and ones end. The point is to change and not what others choose to remember.


  3. Great post. I work with job seekers. They may have been with an organization that now violates their beliefs, feel stuck in a field, are in a negative personal environment, been fired, made poor choices, been treated unfairly, etc. Paul is a great example. I like to paint the following picture when someone is struggling to let go and truly know they are more than their past: Someone is in a room and wants to leave. There are many doors that will help them move on. God is whispering in their ear, “Try this one.” “How about this one?” Saying no before trying makes it almost impossible to move. The doors exist. And like Bill just commented, we can best help others if we don’t worry about what people choose to remember about us. We’re not there.


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