The Road Less travelled

We all want to have a good life. Many of us want to have more material things in our lives. Most of us just want to be happy and live at peace, and so we think if we have loads of money, drive in luxurious cars, live in big houses, we will be satisfied and be truly happy. And so we go seeking for the money and other material things.

Christ tells us to seek first the kingdom and righteous living, then we can have all the other things we desire. But the world tells us that if we go after the kingdom, doing good, seeking happiness and being content, we will not get the material things and the money we desire. Thus we follow the world, only to discover that when you finally get all the material things, your still unhappy, you still suffer depression, sicknesses, lack of peace and love in your home.

Folks the secret to happiness, bliss, love, and true success is to seek first the kingdom…because if you look at very materially successful people, those who have lots of money, who drive the best cars, and live in the most beautiful houses, and so on, the true fact is, for the vast majority, they are not very forgiving, loving, peaceful people. (They may be now, but when they were acquiring their wealth they weren’t.) Some of them, their health is poor. Their relationships are poor. They have money, but little else, and they are constantly seeking more money and control over others because they think if they get a little more, they will get what they are deeply seeking… acceptance, peace, contentment, fulfilment, bliss etc. But they never find it.

For you, you have a choice. You can “seek first the kingdom of God” and follow the path of love and forgiveness, which will lead to bliss and happiness and give you all the material things you desire, or you can follow the most common road to riches…which is to seek riches above all else. You CAN be a mean, hateful, angry, critical, condemning, judgmental, non forgiving, revengeful person and achieve massive wealth. Many who have wealth are just like that. Or you can follow a path of love, forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, and peace. You have a choice. We all do!

Live your greatest life!


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